Gruumsh Gladiators

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It was a strange sight watching these holy people trying to throw a ball, but then desperate times and all that . Every orc I had seen up until this point were vicious killers that wouldn’t think twice about stomping on an unconscious player, but after living with these Orcs inside the temple of Gruumsh for so long I had seen a different side.

Every day began with prayer in the now overgrown garden, the temple had fallen into ruin over the last few years but still held some charm. They did not get many visitors after all, nobody except Orcs worship Gruumsh, patron saint of orcs, usually associated with war and destruction. So far these Orcs have been nothing but kind.

They have allowed me to stay here for over 18 months now, I stay out of their way and don’t get involved in their daily routines but I have observed them extensively . I pay them with some savings I still have from my old blood bowl coaching days but that won’t last me more than another few weeks, so maybe this came at the right time.

The head of their clergy has decided to shut down the temple within the next 3 months unless the orcs here can get it back in order, but with no visitors and very little income that seemed impossible. Many of the roofs around the temple have fallen in and the wild has reclaimed much of the garden and surrounding area. Stone from the walls needed to be replaced and they desperately needed new glass for the windows but such things do not come cheap.

I didn’t want them to get mixed up in the world of blood bowl, but it appears they didn’t have much choice. We’ve only been training for 2 weeks and I can already see a change in their once gentle nature. Quiet and reserved but by no means and less intimidating than your normal one eared, 4 toothed orc. They were getting into the swing of it, maybe not the actual ball part of the game but most definitely the blocking part. I just hope they don’t lose too much of who they are.

Hearing the rumours about a new league within the MML I decided to see if they would be willing to learn the game, I have been out of it for a while but I still remember some tricks. Even just one season in the famed ranks of the MML leagues could net them more gold in a season than they would make in an entire year, there is ofcourse the chance of death but what good orc wouldn’t give their life for Gruumsh.

They are still orcs after all, with the registration already on its way to the desk of the higher ups all we had to do now was wait. It will be nice to see some familiar faces again and maybe even some new one. All they needed now was a mean sounding team name.

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