Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a rich well-endowed, handsome, suave, sophisticated ghoul named Chasing Papi. He was recruited by a weirdo with a chainsaw for a hand wise old Blood Bowl recruiter who witnessed Papi running from his ex-girlfriend who had caught him cheating again yet another hoard of females who couldn’t get enough of his wallet irresistible charm. Pretty soon, Papi’s extraordinary agility and sure hands were lifting his team to victories in the legendary Mead & Mayhem League.

Papi soon became recognized as the team captain, since his demeanor was the most tempered and practical. Most of his teammates were out for blood, especially the wolves, who couldn’t help but work themselves into a frenzy at the gentlest waft of blood. Perhaps Papi’s greater mortality kept his reason in check and allowed him to make tough but practical calls.

It was these latter qualities that proved particularly useful on the day the Romantics visited the Grunts. They had traveled to the orcs’ home to request an audience with Iggy Max. They were trying to free the poor little goblin from the horrible control of his swine masters. But that day was particularly cold. It was so cold that a layer of ice formed over the orcs’ armor, thickening it so that not even claws could puncture it. Papi couldn’t feel his fingers, and it felt as if some of his teammates didn’t even want to be facing the orcs in these conditions. Try as they might, they couldn’t liberate Iggy from his astrogranite confines. And when they did manage to make contact with him, it appeared as if he was trying to help his green-snouted masters.

This was going nowhere, and the goblin was obviously brainwashed and didn’t want to be helped. Plus, the Romantics were hosting Princes as guests soon, and renovations were being made to their home befitting of such royalty. It would be rude of the Romantics to leave their dinner waiting dinner guests waiting. So Papi made the hard call. “Let’s call this one a draw and move on. We’ll get ‘em next season,” he declared.

The wolves were very disappointed. They had worked up quite a hunger trying to claw through that AV9 ice house. However would they satisfy their hunger now?


Replay of New Orcland Grunts vs. Hopeless Necromantics at:

Hopeless Necromantics vs. Princes of Arioch to be played at 1300 GMT on Friday, 23 December 2016


  1. It is, indeed, a really nice story. I love the ‘corrections’ to the story. Really funny. Papi seems quite an interesting fellow. 🙂 Lol

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