Hard Knocks After Session interview

Welcome Love Blood Bowl Fans live here on Cabalvision We track the Longbomb Carpenters on their way to glory.

This Is Hard Knocks !!!!

Longbomb Carpenters HQ

The Pressroom feels slow with all representatives of the MML press.

The Carpenters’ presser asks all to sit down and rest first.

Press review Carpenters: Please keep calm We will try to answer all questions. First I may introduce Headcoach of Carpenters Stolzi84.

It will sound again and the reporters travel the poor upwards to singalize that they have to ask.

PSC: Yes, she’s there.

PSC points to a reporter.

Reporter: Is it right that they have prolonged two further sessions Stolzi ??

Coach Stolzi: Yes, that’s right I got the full management control and control over all the transfers the offer was just too good to reject it.

The other reporters travel back up their arms.

PSC points to the next reporter.

Reporter: Coach Stolzi what did they plan for Session 10? Some transfers?

Coach Stolzi: Goal next session is to get into the PLayoffs and as far as transfers are concerned. Our scouts work day and night at options.

PSC: Next I can introduce you the Teamcaptain of the Carpenters LONGBOMB LERRY!

We again sounded and much muttered in the Pressroom.

PSC: Please, please calm down.

Lerry comes in and sits next to Coach Stolzi.

PSC points back to a reporter.

Reporter: Lerry the session did not go as she hoped. But the last two games were simply grandios congratulations to the last 2 games what are their goals for the upcoming session?

LL: Yes, the first games were not the real one. We still had some defensive problems. We worked on it and that gave us the victory in the last 2 Session Games. Goals are the playoffs.
And for me to beat the pass records of the league.s



Sudden hubbub at the entrance. A loud roar.


You can see 4 Beastman Pure Storms And 2 Chaos Warrior Damn Strong Warrior.

Psycho Sid: GO Terry there is Stolzi get him !!!!!

Terry Tate: The Pain Train is comming Stolzi WOOOOOO WOOOOO.

Lerry grabs Stolzi’s arm.

LL: RUN Coach RUN !!!

Coach Stolzi And Lerry race to the rear of the Pressroom.

Meanwhile, Terry Tate hit the carpenters’ pressSpeaker. A huge turmoil ensues and there is a huge fight between the Sons of Ragnaros of the press and the Security from the Carpenters.

Stolzi and Lerry make it backward and run as fast as they can closely followed by Terry Tate!

They run to the harbors of Carpenter HQ’s There stands a Boat to take the Carpenters to the Training camp.

Terry still persecutes them.

Hehih Harder sees the tworuning to the Boat.

Lerry screams: Let’s get the boat ready we have to get away so fast it goes away.

Hehit Harder runs to Terry Tate and tackels him in the legs. This one falls first and rings with Hehit.

The rest of the security gets so slow the turmoil under control and also Terry Tate.

Terry Tate: We’ll get you still Stolzi we’ll get you !!!!!

Terry is deported by security.

Lerry: What was going on Coach?

Coach Stolzi: I have no idea what It was !

In the background you can see Orc Asisten’s Coach Carlos Santana, who is very angry. The Hard Knock Crew will find out why … What does it all mean?

Turns on again next time when it says


Live on Cabalvison.

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