Hard Times

Its a tough time in the world right now,  people forced in to isolation, sporting events being closed, the very future of the Blood Bowl world at risk.  We’ve seen this before both with plagues in the past and the collapse of the NAF.

While not linked previously, is this different?  will this be the end?   

Human teams struggling with training, Orcs apparently immune due to their plant like nature and birthing,  Undead… well they are not aware of what day it is and then there is Nurgle, these guys may as well be on holiday.   

So where am I going with this,  there is only one coach that would try and capitalise on these times, one coach thats been to the schools of cunning with the Dark elfs, he’s played with life on the edge with the lightly armoured Woodelf’s and more recently lived on hard times with a Rookie team that now due to the Virus infections has been forced to retire.  

This in these troubled times had force him underground, with no job comes no income,  down on his luck with a 0 win last season coach Hawca fears his once glittered career has come to an end.

As is quite often the case,  every cloud has its silver lining.

The thing with living underground, in the sewers, you come across some of the most vile and disgusting things that man will deny exists.   From Alligators in the sewers to rats in the bins.   

The thing with Rats though is this, in the right conditions the mutate, are are resistant to may infections and in some case pass it on.   Rats are a strange bread too,  Hawca watched and observed,  some faster than others, some mindless drones used as workers or slaves, and some stronger and more aggressive.  

Ever the cunning mind and an opportunity to turn a bad situation to good,  Hawca will be back, this time with some furry friends….

Watch this space….

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