Harmarg Paw

Oswald led his small contingent of retainers though the barren valley. It was cold and rainy evening in the chaos wasteland, Strewn across the horizon was trace evidence of a long ago settlement obliterated by some unforeseen force of chaos or the ultimate enemy of mortality…. Time. Weather or time was of course no concern to Oswald and his fellow undead troop…..Time would not have no real consequence on most of Oswald’s existence…unless of course the master decided otherwise. Without going into needless detail… let’s just say the reason Oswald was spending time on this ridiculous mission was as he believed a form of punishment…punishment doled out by the master because of his recent mishap on the blood bowl field… I mean was it really his fault he dropped the ball that was passed to him…. Who passes to an undead wight in the rain… it doesn’t take an Alchemist to recognize the probably of success was very limited. But ooooh no punish poor old Oswald the wight for that…
Sigh but I Digress…They had but one mission to accomplish on this day… then they would be granted some form of slumber until the master had some need of their service. The one issue plaguing Oswald on this day was his companions… I mean seriously.. have you ever tried to have a conversation with brainless mindless zombies. Nothing… and I mean nothing… no reaction to any form of banter, humor, insult, violent abuse…I mean I might have even walked one zombie off a cliff just for shear boredom… and yet naadda…nothing, And don’t even get me started about the smell that I can’t even smell… I mean if I could smell I am pretty sure I would find the very rottingness revolting… I mean look at pinky mcstinky over there…. he is literally oozing……
Oswald freezes in the spot and discovers in his yammering he failed to see a small band of chaos warriors materialize out of the remains of an abandoned stone keep or warehouse. Each at least a foot or two taller than Oswald and holding axes that could surly cleave almost anything with a single swing.

The first warrior says …”eees you be Oswald?” At which point Oswald nods … the 2nd warrior omits a deep laugh… “I do believe it’s possible the Wight is trembling…”
At which point Oswald stammers “now see here you big giant ar…” Whaaaack
Faster than Oswald could have imagined… he was sailing through the air and then with a crunch landed in a heap of zombies. After extricating himself from the remains of what was 2 or 3 zombies … The first warrior simply said…. “We haven’t got time to arse around with you deadite….Now I am Lord Beerz… so I am only going to ask you once….did you bring the gold because we already lost have our numbers bringing the package this far.”
That was when Oswald noticed the gouge marks in each of the warrior’s armor, including one warrior missing an arm that had been clearly ripped or chewed off.
At which point Oswald replied… “my master wishes me to convey his appreciation for your efforts… will you walk with me so we might have a quick word Lord Beerz… in private if you please.”
“Your payment can be retrieved from the zombie landing pad you just made …”
Lord Beerz replies “be quick runt or I will surely end your time…”
Oswald replies “yes of course… I understand… Lord Beerz”
“First again let me convey my gratitude from my master for your prompt delivery of the agreed upon specimen… but may I ask at this time Sir Beerz,,,where is the beast??”
Lord Beerz replies … “we have him chained by all fours in the ruined keep… once you make payment he is your problem… and no longer ours!!!”
Oswald “that of course is most agreeable Sir Beerz..”
As Oswald handed over the gold and jewels he says “I was to also to convey to you…as I see your man with the missing arm over there…well to put it frankly my master wishes me to convey to you that should any of your men have gaping open wounds caused by the beast… it would be better to let them be finished off quickly since they are in for a very painful slow death.”
“Now see here Runt” says Lord Beerz… “that was not agreed upon.”
At which point Oswald raised his hand holding up a 2nd bag of gold larger than the first and replies “again my master wishes to thank you for your assistance and has planned for such a contingency…”
“the beast will need to feed. Your already dying cursed friends sacrifice will allow you and your remaining warriors to withdrawal without concern.” “My master believes future business is very profitable and possible.”

Lord Beerz “hmmm I suppose that will have to do runt… Jormie was having trouble keeping up anyways….seems his time is up…but I warn you runt…he won’t go down without a fight!!”
Then Lord Beerz starts chuckling as he walks towards his band…”good luck with the beast runt..no clue how a bag of bones wight runt like you will ever control that beast..but by the gods that’s not my problem”
“Jormie… on your feet man!!!! Today you get to kill for the blood god…be ready man and die with your sword in your hand”
As I descended the stairs of the broken keep I could hear the frantic scratching of claws on stone… I hope the master would be pleased with this beast… otherwise the search for a beast to join the Horrific Hairballs would continue.. and I would be plagued with another mission with those zombie morons to keep me com…. That was when Oswald laid eyes on the beast………

IT WAS MASSIVE!!!! Massive doesn’t begin to describe the size of this wolf!!! At least as big a golem but with fur.. teeth and deadly claws. Oswald suddenly understood the masters brilliance…if we could but train this monstrosity to either fetch a ball or attack on command… but that jogged Oswald’s memory… The scroll… read the dam scroll!!!
It’s amazing what power is in a name… as Oswald unrolled the scroll the beasts feral eyes were locked onto his face…scratching and clawing with the goal to rend the wight to small pieces… upon the scroll was 2 words to be repeated as the master instructed 3 times. “Harmarg Paw…..Harmarg Paw….Harmarg Paw…
With a blinding red light the scroll burst into flame and was gone… and so were the chains binding the beast…
The beast strolled over to Oswald and nuzzled his hand…
Oswald then replied… “Well Harmarg seems this trip is gonna be some fun after all…. But first let us get you some lunch… “now go Kill Jormie pls!!!” Oswald chuckling … shouts out… “and Harmarg…kill one of those moronic zombies as well!!”

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