Heart and Soul

“Gremlog! Gremlog! Gremlog!” cheered the away-fans in the Stadium. Most of them were Orcs, but the stands were filled with all kinds of “beasts”. The Orc was on the other side of the pitch, celebrating with his teammates. Once again the Blitzer of the Brecher threw a pass, which was caught by Subber Großzahn, for the 2:1 victory at the last second of the match. Before that, we saw an all out brawl between the Verrezo Vulcans and Die Orkischen Brecher. The Orcs took two Human lifes, while the Humans managed to injure two Orcs. One of the injured Orcs was Trahar, which made it quite difficult for the Orcs to manage a quick touchdown after getting an equalizer in turn 14. But Gremlog, who also scored the 0:1 for the Brecher, was calm. The away fans threw a Rock, hit the Ogre and he was on the ground. Gremlog caught the high kick and gave the sign to his players. Gurgosh, lead catcher, went down field on the left, Subber went down on the right side. As expected, the Humans concentrated on Gurgosh rather than Subber, because he was knowen for his catches. But Subber was tagged close too. The Blitzer managed to break free, ran into the endzone, looked back and Gremlog was throwing the pass… catch… TOUCHDOWN! What a game, what an end. It was the perfect outcome to the weeks before.

In week 4 the Orcs faced another Human team. The Gillmouth Cove Tritons had a bad day and against these brutal, ruthless Orcs a bad day is nothing you want. After scoring a quick Touchdown for the 1:0 lead, the Tritons were run down by the Orcs. Once again Gremlog lead the team to the equalizer and the 1:2 victory.

Week 5 featured the game between the Solous Savors and the Brecher. The Stadium of the Savors wasn’t ready for the Orc-Fans and they ran over the pitch straight at turn 1, knocking down several players. Die Orkischen Brecher were fined 50k for that after the game. But this pitch invasion was just the preview of what the fans would witness. The Orcs stomped over the Savors, injuring several players and winning the game 0:2.

Before the last game of the season, Die Orkischen Brecher looking at a good season. A record of 4 wins and 2 draws was the best the Orcs did in the time this team existed. With the Wood Chippers (3-2-0) and the Wee Men (3-1-1) still playing, the Orcs could manage to save their Play Off place after this week. Week 7 could feature a match for the lead of the group, if the Wood Chippers win their game against the Dwarfs. But as we spoke to the Coach after the game, this fact wasn’t on the mind of Zidjey. “I am the proudest human existing right now. Not only did we win another game, but also we are having the best season in our history. These Greenskins show week after week what the Orc mentality is all about. We hit hard and make every game a fight. But not only that. We also implemented some class and style to our play. We proved the fact we can score fast, by passing, running or bashing through. Our team lives by the code “Death or Glory” and we will keep on going.”

We also asked Coach Zidjey what it felt like to play against one of the greatest Human players up to date. He replied: “Arturo Scalluci is an impressive Human being. Sometimes I question if he is Human after all. The Butcher was tough to handle and even today, with one of his worse games, he managed to hurt us much. I am looking forward to watch him in future games and I hope we can call him one day a Star-Player. In my opinion he is one already.”

With our last question we asked the Coach if he would agree on Gremlog being the MVP of his team. His answer stated: “You gave the answer to yourself. We are a team. We are One Tribe. And there is no single MVP in a team. However I admit Gremlog brings certain qualities not every Orc has. Dodging, Passing, Coordinating in Offense and Defence… he is the Heart and Soul of our team. And the other Orcs respect that and listen to him. But what would Gremlog be without the Cage? The Blackorcs break through the lines for him. Trahar and Gurgosh are always a threat to our opponent as Catchers or possible ball carriers. That takes away pressure from Gremlog for sure. Team Captain Subber does major work and can handle the ball as well as we saw tonight. And we can’t forget about our Shaman who replaced our Doctor. He managed to kill two wizards and lower the power of two more. He saved Trahar in Week 5. I could go on about everyone in this team. But I think you get what I am saying. We are one team and only as one team we succeed or fail. Death or Glory!”

But in all the cheering and celebration a little sad tune found its way. Gremgol Elfenfresser, Blackorc of the Brecher, made clear this would be his last season of Blood Bowl due to a niggling injury. Team Manager Samui said: “Gremgol was part of the team since day one and he will be always part of our Tribe. Our franchise has currently two Orc farm teams and we are positive to find a good replacement for him after the season.” We asked if they had a specific prospect in mind which Samui answered with: “We are in touch with several prospects, including one that is burning for a comeback.” We from Cabal Vision think there is no contract signed yet, but there is certainly more than just being “in touch” with prospects. Her bright smile just gave that away a bit…

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