Here to stay

After the third game played, Die Orkischen Brecher hat quite some events to go over. In week one there was the great battle against the Ogres. It was a tough and rough game between two teams who just like to inflict pain. A perfect draw which overall came a bit lucky for the Orcs. Coach Zidjey non at the less was proud of his team, even though some things didn’t work out as planned. After the match Coach Zidjey stepped up to Coach Cookie and both shook hands in respect. It was the first time the Headcoach of the Orcs did that and the team was surprises about it at first, but than showed their respect to the Ogres too. In week 2 the Orcs had a battle against Dwarfs. The little fellas were just little by their height. They brought up a tough fight, but the Orcs came out victorious at the end and celebrated their win. Now came week three and the Orcs faced one of their biggest rivals: Wood Elves. In the past the Orcs played against some highly trained Wood Elve teams and this one was no exception. However, the team wanted blood and you felt the hate for the Elves just being in the air at all time. But the Orcs had trouble to focus their anger and hate into power and force. At the end there was one Elve dead and one Elve injured with no long-term problems. What a bummer. The score was a draw… at least the first point against a Wood Elve team. And something else was proves as well. Because of Gremlog Kleinauge, the Star of the team and the main ball carrier, was injured early in the match, the Orcs had to find an answer quick. Trahar, ex-player of the Green Tide Titans and transferred to the team before the season, stood up to the task grabbed the ball and ran it into the endzone. After a quick answer in the last second of the first half and a quick 1:2 lead for the Elves in second half, it was Trahar again who grabbed the ball and slowly but surely grinded his way through the well positioned Elven Defense and the Orcs were able to score a last second equalizer. “It was work we had to do, but we did it. Trahar proved his worth to the team today and also proved that he is a Brecher in heart already. I am sad for Gremlog that he was out so early, but he will be back next game, and I am positive he and Trahar will be a perfect combination that will lead us to many Touchdowns”, Coach Zidjey said after the game. We also asked how he wants to change the low casualty rate from his team. “You know, for us Orcs Blood Bowl is a tough sport. It is tough because Blood Bowl is against an Orcs nature. Normally an Orc wants to pillage, murder and kill. He has nothing else in his mind. But in Blood Bowl, you have to think about the ball and scoring. That’s what I am here for. I try to turn these bloodthirsty beasts into Blood Bowl players. However, in the last couple of seasons I went over the line. And now I am slowly but surely trying to reach the point. The fine line between brutality and smart play. Not an easy task with Orcs, but we will do it. The team has 100% trust in me, and I have 100% trust in the team. We will improve and make our way. We have impressive Orc teams in the League and we had impressive Orc Teams in the past. Our goal is, together with the other Greenskins, to rise the Orc Banner all over the MML and prove once and for all that Greenskins are not only good in war, but also can reach the top in Blood Bowl too. Two seasons ago we had our first season. After that season was over, we formed a tribe. Last season we became more than a tribe. We are OneTribe, we are the OrcNation and we are here to stay for a very long time!”

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