His name will live on

The locker room was silent: no one spoke, no one could look at each other. The coach had wanted to pull his team out as soon as it had happened; how could this team go on, after the heart of it had been snuffed out. Everyone was thinking about what they had done to upset the mighty nuffle, for him to be so displeased and angry.

The coach blamed himself; other coaches had specifically said “protect Von Kaiser, make sure he was out of harms way”. The coach had done just the opposite, hoping Von Kaiser would stop the advance, instead he was now worm food.

After the incident it was all a blur; coach did his usual thing of blaming nuffle, or his own bad luck, or anything that he could think of, including: cheers leaders not cheering enough; fans not getting behind the team; and a whole lot of conspiracy theories. Coach also had his own demons in his head, telling him how rubbish and useless he was, and that he was actually the main problem.

He took a deep breath and saw what he had left. Zippy had somehow survived his 40th match, celebrations of which were quickly cancelled, and Tiny had helped set up Dislocator’s first solo touchdown. Three new greener-than-green gnoblers were to be bought in for the next match, eager to prove they could did it.

Disappointment was temporary, Von Kaiser’s legacy would live on; a statue was already being made in his honour, and the team would regroup and fight another day.

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