Hobgoblin training grounds project closed due to budgetary constraints.

Ok, I am going to try and make this brief so I am only taking a few questions… You..

Reporter: There is rumor that the club is having budgetary constraints and the plans to build a new training ground for the hobgoblins has been sidetracked?

Yes, current budget issues are making it too hard to achieve our goal this season.

Reporter: With the quality of player that has been forced onto this team due to behavioral issues, how do you see this effecting the team morale.

Well without the additional resources the team will have to work out together.  The dwarfs however tend to be a bit more “convincing” when it comes to disagreements in the locker room.  I am sure that the Hobgoblin portion of the team will likely have to conform to what they are forced into.

Reporter: Are there any talks about revisiting the building of the training grounds in the future?

I mean if we can raise the money needed to do it correctly, then sure, but that may take a couple seasons.  As for now we can only give the crowd what they want, and what we have to give.  I will do my best to keep the guys under control and on the tracks, but it will be no easy task.

Reporter: What will happen to the prospects that were developing nicely in the farm?

Well we will continue to train them there, and if our budget frees up to bring them up then we will do so.

Reporter: Being that the team has taken the worst behaved players on to one team, is there any chance that the MML would help fund the training ground project?

At this time there has been no talk of support for this project at this time.  As I said, if support and funds arise we may take a look at this in the future but for now I have to work with what I have…  That’s all for now no more questions…

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