Hold Tight Crushers

The first season of the Dark City Crushers has come to a close. The team came in undefeated and had high hopes for the post season. Losing round one was devastating, however the Crushers are in it for the long haul.
Coach Fire_Talker coached the legendary Wet Bandits and is patient enough to step back and look at the team and formulate a plan for next season.
The team is healthy… mostly (We will get back to that soon) The game plan is simple. Remove and tie up as many dudes as possible. To achieve this we have a lot of development that still needs done.
The Crushers are still recruiting hobgoblins. There needs to be five hobgoblins so that if they get removed, through fist fights or fouling there will always be another to take his place.
The blockers ALL need guard and stand firm and one more needs to learn how to grow claws. But in general they are looking tough and the coach is pleased with their development.
As for the bull centaurs… Whelp we started the season with the Burntskin brothers. The 2 original Bulls of the team that have given everything for the team to develop into 2 of the best Bulls in all of the MML… But then one of them died… The team hired a new bull named Three Game Pete to finish the season… That brings us back to the health of the team… Three Game Pete did great… but the Crushers caught wind of a monster bull on one of Coach Beerz farm teams named Philip the Unholy. Three Game Pete will always be the glue that holds this team together… Literally. He was sent to the glue factory and the Crushers uniforms will now be using the adhesive that he was turned into to make and repair equipment for the foreseeable future.
The team is coming together and the first season was a resounding success. It’s time for the Crushers to get back out there and show them what a little heart and Three Game Pete Glue can do!

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