Horsemen… Divided?

Coach Thunden sat in his secluded office looking out over the Brixton Academy training ground where the team were being drilled for their upcoming match against the famed Blitzkriegers. He looked forward to seeing a familiar face in the opposition booth, where cheese loving Coach Stuntmandidi would be satin his usual animated fashion exhorting his ‘Kriegers to ever more crazy plays. The Titans, Thundens old team, used to love their regular meetings with Stuntmandidi’s team. He hoped the Widowmakers would be up to the task after chasing shadows all game against the Harrelsons.

However Coach Thunden had other matters on his mind, the hazy outlines of his fellow horsemen flickered into view on the NurgHoloNet… Coach VPowerV, fresh from his stunning victory in the Challenge League over the vaunted Slaan Seers and a distracted Coach RandTheMad were in attendance, but there was a worrying lack of Coach Bernie Buffon.

“Fellow Horsemen… I assume you have all had your season assignments allocated from our mutual ‘friend’?” asked Thunden.

Nods in the affirmative were the response. Coach Thundens despondency at his own seasonal assignment still rankled him, and he decided to trust his fellows and let them in on his thinking.

“If you’re as concerned about your assignment as I am about mine, we should discuss this now. I’ve been told to focus exclusively on losing the first 3 games of the season so as to reduce the visibility we created last season. I have also received word that Coach Bernie Buffon was equally disgusted with his and has decided to follow his own creed after finding out a shocking truth about our benefactor. Have either of you heard anything else?”

Coach RandTheMad was the next to speak, “The voices have told me many things. My assignment was confusing, I was to sack my new pestigor after Game 2 and then proceed to develop rotters for Season 8. I asked talking head 1 what the benefit to Pappa Nurgle was on this one but he couldn’t answer me… so I asked the other voices… equally rubbish! This isn’t spreading the rot… this is suicide!”

“Damned right it is geezer!”, chimed in Coach VPowerV. “We’re being mugged off here mate! I kicked off when I was given my orders and told our benefactor where he could stick em, no way was I losing to the Seers. The strangest thing happened, as soon as I told him he could do one, the light went out and I heard the scurrying of what sounded like loads of flappy feet running away. When I went closer for a look all I found was an empty cloak. I think somefinks ‘appened to our main man. That definitely wasn’t ‘im.”

“That’d certainly explain the lack of contact til our meetings just before the season… the assignments are crazy. Maybe this is what Bernie is trying to uncover? So what do we do… someone’s behind all this. I’ve heard rumour of a new copycat group being pulled together called the Simple 6 or 7 or something but so far it’s just hot air, add to that the Secret Order of the Skin Afflicted not to mention Goblin Gambling and their underhand shenanigans. I suggest we keep in contact but rule out any further attempts to contact our mutual ‘friend’ until such time as either he surfaces again or we find out what the F’orc is going on. Good luck in your Week 3 games horsemen, if we can get a message to Bernie then let him know we support his crusade and we’ll figure out what is going on in the East and in the CL whilst he works on the Pros in the West. Until we meet again Horsemen… ride hard.” With murmurs of agreement from round the table, Thunden disconnected the PlagueStation 4.

Much to ponder… who was behind the disappearance of the Horsemens agent. He knew his assignment seemed funky, now it was confirmed. The horsemen were on their own, with only themselves to decide their destiny… a pox on those who would misdirect them, a plague on those who would attempt to copy their ambitions… the rot would out.

Coach Thunden left his office and headed to the training paddock to go through exactly how to claw a Dark Elf blitzer in the face… what he didn’t see on his way out was a small green hand reaching out to his desk…


  1. Damn issues with the cleaning supervisor, 4housemaids? I hope your players will be a bit stressed out during our game then pal 😉

  2. The rot intensifies… And the story of the 4 Horsemen is becoming still more intriguing!

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