How to Hype your Team

Some MML teams become the stuff of legend, others few have ever heard of; yet both of them have been around just as long!!

The Grunts have been around from the beginning of the MML, and have their own unique catch phrases, hashtags and followers. The Hateful Eight have been around for less than a week, at the writing of this article, and are already widely known.

Clearly, there is a mechanism here on how to launch and maintain a team for maximum hype. Some have even inquired about how to do this for their own teams.

I say you can! While the status I enjoy as a the Commissioner of the MML plays a large part in the success of my launches, there are also a number of strategies anyone can employ to make their own teams hype a huge success:


Rarely do you hear me talking about the various abilities of my players. I don’t push the stats, or skill-ups or number of anything, for example. I know most people don’t care, and the ones who do can easily find that information on the website.

Instead, I make sure to emphasize how the team interacts and affects the audience. I talk about how insane one of my players is and how, with a few locker room chats, we have gotten him in line. It’s about simplicity, interesting angles, style – all things I know people don’t get anywhere else.

It also takes discipline. When a team comes along, everyone wants to know about the player skills, and how that team performs on the pitch, and it’s easy to assume everyone wants the same thing. But they don’t. They care about their prospective and how your team is going to impact them!

So, frame your hype in this light. Don’t just talk about what your team does or why it’s better; paint for me a compelling picture of how they got their. That’s what gets people excited.

2. Be Revolutionary

When I write an article, the whole MML watches. It’s not just because the MML is a great league. It’s not just because there are games on the line. It’s not just because our coaches are great coaches.

It’s because they know that i’m not afraid to change the world. My articles aren’t incremental advances – though some are; they are revolutionary. They change the way we think about how to present our teams, and whole other story-lines shift to keep up. People talk about it, not just because MML published it, but because it’s real news!

Can you do the same thing?

YES! Maybe your team doesn’t have the brand of others, but every team, no matter now young, has the opportunity to revolutionize their space in the MML. Do something no one else has done before, take a position that’s bold and imaginative, paint a picture of the future that the readers want to live in, and they put your whole team into creating that vision.

It’ll inspire people. Right or wrong, the MML loves teams that have the courage to make themselves known. Instead of fighting to get people to talk about you, you’ll be chasing you to find out what’s going to happen next.

3. Draw out the Suspense for As Long As You Can

While I always make a big deal about announcing new things, prior to those actual announcements I always shroud them in secrecy. Note that you can only get here by having successfully pulled off the two steps above more than a few times.

To make use of this strategy for your team, you need to take the best of it and release very, very few details at a time. The mystery is what drives people towards the team.

When getting ready to launch a new team, the rumor mill should be filled with speculation about that new team, but no one really knows anything about it.


The Bottom Line: Plan Your TEAM Launch

The point of this article isn’t to imply that you have to has a big of a propaganda machine as others, or to transform yourself into a huge showman.

The point is that you need to think through your team launches. Deliberately plan what information you’re going to use and when you will use it, who you want talking about your team, and how you can turn that launch into something worth talking about.

That’s what I do, but I’m not an expert…just a coach w/ some success at the subject at hand – so take the above with a grain of salt.

Also, don’t be afraid to hype a team that will impress people, even if the only person that is impressed is you!



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