Individual League Leaders (through S5 Wk6)

Heading into the final week, here are your Individual League Leaders, as illustrated by Fnords:


A few interesting notes:

  • Sornyrd is 1 TD short of the 11-TD record set by Conor McGregor, of Los Pumas, last season.
  • Gorbag Marlarr is 12 yards short of the 440-yard rushing record set by Tom, of Praag no5 team, last season.
  • Last week, the Magician not only wrested the Best Thrower pole position away from Royalty, of Dignity, for this season, but, he even made Royalty’s passing record of 236 yards from last season disappear. This week, Royalty has managed to surpass his last season’s mark, as well, but he still remains 28 yards short of the Magician’s new mark.
  •  Sornyrd has been past the old reception record of 6 (set by multiple players) since, at latest, Wk 3, in which we began tracking League Leaders. By then, the Best had also tied it, along with Belarimar, of the Leaf Dancers. Going into our last week, however, the Sornyrd & the Best are neck and neck for the Best Receiver title, with Belarimar only 2 catches behind them.
  • S5’s 3 Biggest Brutes are still 2 KOs short of the record set by the Skuttle Butts’ Decapitator and the Bill COWher Power Hour’s Knob Creek in S4.
  • Bernie is not even near Leaping Lizard Wade’s 15 inflicted casualties from S4.
  • It appears that Nice ‘N’ Sticky is just going to sit on the new kill record since he broke it in Week 4.
  • I am going to send the Best a new pair of gloves made from the finest silk in Chinatown, since he took command of the Best Interceptors category and busted the old record held by 8 different players with his 2nd INT.
  • Eccentric has been more careful this past week, allowing the Gift & Worthless to catch up to him in KOs sustained. Will one of these guys eat another face full of fist in order to tie the 7-KO mark set by Veassen Aladanae & Longrod von Hugendong, of Thee Grandiose Gladiators, in S3?

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