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Hi all,

I wanted to use this series as a way of showcasing some of the new, or newly returning CL coaches and their teams. What better team to start with than Dio’s Midgets, coached by DionysusA18?

This segment will have two parts – an interview of the coach, and then my own thoughts on the team, where the strengths lie, what they can aim for etc… You can take these or leave these of course!

Without any further ado …


How long have you been part of the MML Community?

I joined during the playoffs of Season 7, so just had time to apply for S8, but was a little too late on that and missed out.

Tell us a bit about your new team (backstory etc., any flavour)

There is not really backstory for them, I am not particularly creative. I’ve been making videos for them instead of all the highlights of their matches, pro and cons for them. If things go well, I will have 2 AG4 Runners for S10, and then will be looking at a throwing dwarf team!

What are your goals for the season ahead?

I’m one of the stranger coaches, I’m not here necessarily to win. Still very much learning every game I play, so as long as I don’t lose every game, I will be happy.

Have you competed in the MML before, if so, how did it go?

In the Death To The Living Charity Tournament at the moment, started off pretty well. But took a sharp nose dive afterwards for my team. An AG3 Thro-Ra is the only piece keeping my team competitive. First time using Khemri, so enjoyed the experience.

Who has been your toughest opponent to date?

A few people take that mantle, the ones that stand out are Gerdleah in the farm and Balwen in the DTTL tournament. Both teams were using elves, and no idea how to set myself up to play against them…

Which game are you most looking forward to?

Umphreysmagoo’s Dark Elves. Not only because they are the least bashy team in the conference, but every time I play elves I learn a little more of how they should be used. Keeps things more interesting.

And which are you nervous about?

MomoMcPhee’s Chaos Dwarfs, there is a lot of can opening Mighty Blow players there. That coupled with the much more developed team could be destructive.

Which team would you like to emulate?

Not sure there is a team I would like to emulate. I did like Royke’s Hail Mary style of unpredictability. But with having multiple AG4 Runners, I could end up adapting it to my own style. Unless either of them don’t make it…

Who’s your pick for the CL?

As much as he is newly into it, I think Gerdleah’s rats will be hard to stop.

And the Pro’s?

Not too sure on Pro, want Thunden to make it. He has a nicely developed team, and avoiding going the standard kill route as much as he can. (Editor’s note: LIES)

The Midgets Themselves!

Initially, the team looks light on development – there’s a total of 5 skillups assigned. However, the Deathroller is present, and whilst it divides opinion, it can be an extremely dangerous piece whilst available, especially at lower TVs.

There are also 4 players who are within cas/td range for a skillup – I’d expect the team to finish the season at around 1600 TV, and then use of the market for the aforementioned Agi4 Runner makes them a serious proposition for next season.

Development and fun needs to be the goal – the first season is a great chance to acclimatise to league play, and then really push the envelope in S10.

Good luck Dio!

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  1. Great article Git. Like the feel of it and information. Really helps is getting to know this coach and team better. Also, great to hear more from some of the newer guys.

  2. Great idea and article Git. Awesome to hear from one of our newer guys and one of our all round good eggs in Dio 18. I for one really hope you have a great season man, your goal of agi dorfs is one I have to see!
    Your attitude does you immense credit!
    Also… editor notes? Smear campaign more like!

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