Introducing MML Thursday Knock Out

Hello MML community,

What is MML Thursday Knock Out you might be asking.  My vision for MML TKO is a weekly show where I, More_Shots, and a second announcer, rotating cast, announce a weekly Pro or CL game.

When will Thursday Knock Out be?

The plan is to have the games start at about 5pm EST each week on Thursday.  Thus the name Thursday Knock Out.  I want the time to be where both East and West coaches can watch and participate.  Both with the announching and with the coaching their teams in the games.

Why have a Thursday Knock Out?

I hope for this to be a step forward in announcing in the MML.  The MML has always had great stories and great franchises.  I want the announcing to be part of these stories and to help showcase this during the game.  This will require help from the teams that take part in MML TKO.  I hope for the teams to share the story lines that may already have and also create details about their players so that the announcers are able to talk about the players a bit more like if they aren’t pixels, but more as actual players as they play.

How do I be part of Thursday Knock Out?

Well, there are few opportunities to be part of it.
#1.  If you and your opponent both agree that you want to be part of it and are willing to put in the extra effort to supply the player details or additional stories to help make the broadcast go a bit smoother.
#2.  I’ll be looking for people to help announce the games.  We will work together to call the action as well as reference some of the materials the coaches have provided us during the game.
#3.  Watching.  One of the things that makes the MML special is the fans.  The people that cheer on the teams and follow them from season to season.  The fans are an active part of the game with doing everything from throwing rocks, to invading the pitch, even kicking players when they get surfed.

When will this all start?

Well, if we are able to get 2 coaches that can play at the time and an announcer that wants to join me then it could be as soon as this in 2 days.  If not my goal is to get it started for next week.  I’m not sure how big or little the line up will be fore this and it will be an amount of work for the people involved.  But, I hope once we have the details figured out that this will be a fun new addition to the MML.



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