Introducing the North Shire Nobodys!

Jim: Welcome back Blood Bowl fans, as always, I am Jim Johnson, and my partner here… Bob Bifford.

Bob: Hi, Jim. Great to be back.

Jim: We are broadcasting live from beautiful Halflings End Stadium, what do you think about this years team Bob?

Bob: I don’t know Jim, did any of these stunty fellows make it through last year.

Jim: To be honest Bob, I don’t know. However, this preseason the Coach has decided to start the season off with a bang, he has set up a preseason scrimmage between the North Shire Nobodys, and the Archdemon Annihilators, a Chaos farm team.

Bob: The only bang they are going to start off with that way is with those weedy fellas heads smacking into the astrogranite.

Jim: Here they come now! Entering the arena are seasoned veterans Tree and Other Tree!  Fun fact Bob Tree leads the league in number of different Halflings thrown in a single season.

Bob: Well how many is that Jim?

Jim: I don’t remember Bob, I believe it was upward of 50.

Bob: How’s that Jim, aren’t there only 14 Halflings on the team?

Jim: Well Bob, apparently so many of them were killed or maimed last season that they had to replace them during the season, allowing for such a record to be reached… AND HERE COMES THE CHEF!!

Bob: What’s he cooking up today Jim.

Jim: Well as you know Bob, every season the Nobodys hold a preseason brunch. Every halfling gets a wonderful meal, and a Jersey.  This is how they manage to fill the roster.

Bob: These little guys will never know what hit em’.

Jim: And we will be right back to the action after this commercial break.

Orc Announcer: Do you like stomping, we like stomping. And there is nothing we like better to stomp with then a pair of Orcidas.

Halfling Announcer: Orcidas, the official shoe for stomping halflings.

Jim: And we are back, for those of you who missed the first 2 min of action. We already have 2 players killed, and another 2 maimed and out for the season.

Bob: That chef better keep busy, or they won’t be able to field a team!

Jim: The Jerseys have been stripped from the dead players and passed on to the new replacements. Back to the action.

Bob: Tree grabs #11 and throws him to the endzone… Ow! Ha Ha that little guy forgot to deploy his landing gear!

Jim: It seems #3 has an issue with the play, his is in Tree’s face and screaming. Well what’s this?  Tree has grabbed #3 and stripped his Jersey!  He has thrown the Jersey to the Chef…. And #3 to the crowd!

Bob: Ouch, he won’t be coming back from that Jim, there is nothing the crowd hates more than a naked halfling being thrown at them… unless it’s an ogre, then it’s just FREE CONCESSIONS! Ha Ha Ha…

Jim: Yes this has already proven to be an interesting start to the season.  For those of you so inclined, visit Goblin Gambling, and place your bet on how many of these guys will make it through the season to the end!

Bob: They don’t have that bet anymore Jim.

Jim: Oh, and why is that Bob.

Bob: Poor business model, they kept having to pay out…. THE NUMBER WAS ALWAYS 0!!

Jim: This will prove to be an interesting season… Be sure to catch all your Halfling maiming action here on Cabalvision…. I’m Jim Johnson… and this is Bob Bifford for Blood Bowl… Goodnight.

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