Introduction to the Apocalypse

Coach Wyatt sat at the far corner looking down a table of cold stone shaped like an elongated diamond. His team of Lizardmen crowded around behind him, the tall ornate ceilings easily accommodating T-Rex’s towering frame. His swinging tail was scratching up the wood floor something awful, a sign of anxiety no doubt caused by the company they were keeping. The table sloped and narrowed to Wyatt’s chair, which was little more than an uncomfortable round stool. He was poised nervously with both palms flat on the table and his gaze focused forwards. Three large and grand wooden thrones occupied the remaining angles. Each contained a grotesque abomination of nature. The Clade created by the diabolical experimentation of the InGen Corporation was represented by the most intelligent of the genetic aberrations, Deinonychus, Saurornitholestes, Velociraptor.

Each one was a terrifying image to behold. Ancient reptiles distorted into barely humanoid form, their genetics were heavily laced with human DNA much the same as their diet likely was. InGen were far from the progressive and optimistic entity of their early history. The constant disastrous failures of theme park after theme park and ‘New Attraction’ after ‘New Attraction’ created a melting pot in which the perfect Apocalypse was forged. Indominus now seems tame compared to the horrors cooked up in laboratories by scientists long past all moral sense and rewarded only with their lives by the twisted reptilian masters that they themselves created.

Ours is a world overrun by the monsters of times long past, and controlled by the cold blooded hybrid mutations now in control of InGen. Which is why succeeding in his new role as coach of InGens first ever Blood Bowl team Apocalypse was quite literally a matter of life and death to Wyatt. It was certain in his mind that a disastrous record of losses would see him return to this table in the form of an entree.

Deinonychus: “Lisst your accomplishmentss little human.”

Wyatt fixed his gaze on the deformed creature and began to summarise the first five rounds of his tenure…
“There was a Human team in round one, a team who played with little regard for fair play. Their coach Triperis had his players deceive our Saurus into believing the game was conceded and already lost! When they turned to leave the pitch, the wily Humans dodged past and scored. Whilst a helpful wizard nearly gave us the edge, ultimately the game was lost…”

Deinonychus let out a disgusted bark which echoed heavily around the room, making most of the skinks shudder, most but not Dino Chicken.

Wyatt continued..
“After the shame of defeat we realised a more robust approach must be taken. A new Saurus was eventually brought on board and Phelsuma excelled himself in stealing a last minute draw against a very well organised column of Dwarves called the Hobnail Boots. We went on to dispatch a team of tough Orc brutes with a display of skink speed unparalleled in the challenge league. After that we met with some highly skilled Skaven, a team competing with our own Phelsuma for the play pools top scorer title. After an exhilarating exhibition of plays from both sides we narrowly edged ahead to win. Our most recent result was another draw with a vicious troop of Dwarves known as REVANG…(Wyatt spat the word as if speaking it had brought a curse upon all who heard it..) of the Dwarves.. These vile savages piled on Phelsuma at every opportunity, the apothecary you provided had to revive him. Unfortunately our most talented Saurus was not so lucky, the bearded beasts tore Saurian Brandy limb from limb. An ugly Troll Slayer called Tobi was the ring leader, his guttural belly laugh punctuated by the sound of crushed bones and torn scales still haunts me even now…”

Velociraptor hissed sorrowfully, he was personally involved in the Saurian hatching program. Saurian Brandy had been one of his most impressive creations. His head seemed to almost detach as it extended unnaturally from his humanoid frame and tilted slightly to one side. He spoke in a low growl..
“We will make thesse Dwarvess suffer when next we meet, you will turn them into a team of devastated carcasses for the undead to recruit..”
InGen Apocalypse all stamped their feet and roared in agreement. T-Rex splintered the floor in the process.

(The season continues..)


  1. Nice story, S-C, sir! And… There he is, Dino Chicken! Dino Chicken! Dino Chicken! – I am sure that you won’t be a lizard entree and things will pick up! – You also have Dino Chicken, possibly the bravest skink I have ever seen! – Lol. 😉

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