Is he’s dead??

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       Beerz awake to the chanting and echoing through his tent. The city was up early cheering and changing in preparation for the season 12 opener vs there arch rivals the Hopeless Necromantics. He gathered his things and headed to the stadium ready to get the boys off with a win. The city of Magrita was jumping. People coming up shaking his hand, saying words of encouragement even asking if he needed a hand walking. He got to the orange gates the opened to the stadium and the tunnel to the dressing rooms. He entered the dressing room the the misfits sitting around going over tactics on how to play X’s and O’s. Over in the one corner sat Ullow twitching away with anticipation for the game. In the other corner sat Faun the new Misfit. A farm monster who fought for his spot over so many. The cw sat in a circle arguing over who should get to be an x and who should get to be an o. Beerz shock his head with a big smile. From his right he heard someone talking. I’m good enough….I’m smart enough…. and goat darn it I’m better then my dad! Beerz looked over and unsurprised there sat Jofro13. Sitting in his stall like he always does rocking and blabbing to himself as he always does.
It was almost kick off time. Beerz looked at the bunch of misfits in front of him. Not one was even thinking about the game to come. Worrying about……well whatever their thinking was fine. All right boys time to ruck up. It’s time to get this season off on a good start. You all know what to expect from these dirty necro chums now it’s time to get out there and show them why they hate us so much. You all know your rolls. Faun has come in to help ullow and Ketel be a pain. I want you to hit, move, dodge, help when your brother needs you. Rèmy get that tail out of it’s warming sock and get it lose. Jofro13 it’s time to do your thing. Help out where it’s needed. If one of those ghouls get lose he’s yours. Now let’s get out there and show them why they hate us!!!
The boys took the pitch. The crowd went wild screaming fighting throwing…..well let’s not say what they were throwing. The coin tossed. Necro called and got it right and took the ball. The boys hit the pitch waving the the crowd laughing and smiling. Beerz was worried this wasn’t what his boys do. They didn’t have that chip on their shoulder like they always do. No they were relaxed maybe to relaxed. The kick went of and the necro well they did their thing. Before Beerz knew it he was down all three of his rookies. The boys shifted around and ullow came up short on a hit. Just then a noise Beerz hasn’t herd since a couple seasons ago……. gerrr Gerry gerrrrrrr. Dear nuffle it was a f’orking chainsaw. How the hell did these necro bums get that thing in here. Before Beerz could get the ref hack raised his chainsaw high above his little head and drove down onto Jofro13. The blades crossed against his neck. Blood flew in the air. A limp beastmam body fell to the ground. Beerz knew right away this was the end of Jofro13. He didn’t hesitate and yelled at the useless misfits apo. Just then the world seemed to stop. Nothing moved except Beerz. He looked around confused. Ummm……what…..
A burning started to heat up in his coat pocket. The heat like that coming from a fire started to burn at his side. Beerz reached into his pocket confused. In his hand was the scroll. Still sealed yet now glowing red. Beerz looked at it unsure of how or why the scroll had got in his picks but a feeling to open it over took him. The paper opened and inside was the details to how to STACKLETAIL. As he gazed at the scroll he heard a voice. Ah coach you want me to go out there or not…..? It was the the useless apo asking what he was what to do. He looked at this useless thing and then back at the scroll then back again. Yes get out there and fallow these instructions. He handed the scroll to him and he ran off toward Jofro13. As the apo read the scroll and and pushed on Jofro. A load crack of lightning struck the high tower. He crowed roared and Beerz snapped his gaze back at Jofro. He was up and wasn’t twitching anymore. In fact he was very calm and very much alive. He came to the sideline. Jofro you alright lad? Jofro13 looked at his coach a little confused. Yeah I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?? Beerz stood there looking at his beastman. Who was this and what the hell is going on.
The half came to an end and the misfits found themselves down 1-0 and taking a beating. Everyone header back to the locker room. The boys started yelling and screaming at each other. Yet in the corner sat Jofro13 sitting calm and quite. Beerz spoke up. Its not over yet boys. We get the ball this half. We need to do what we do and not worry about what they do. We’re down numbers and ullow. That’s okay we can still do this. Jofro I need you and Ketel to get the ball. After those 2 passes in the first half you two move the ball up. Jofro stood agreed and headed toward the door. Beerz was still in shock. How was Jofro even alive since are apo has almost always fails.
Well the second half didn’t go to good for the misfits. More players removed and 2 more scores against. 3-0 final and once again like last season only 5 were left in the pitch. Couple hours later the crowed had left and the players gone back to the local drinking hole Beerz walked down the hall heading toward the orange door and back to his tent. As he walked by the dressing room he heard a cry of anger and pain. He busted through the door and there in the middle of the room a massive tail whipped around. Attached to what looked like nuffle himself was a dark figure. Beerz tripped over a pair of cleats and started to fall to the ground. Before he could brace himself the tail wrapped around his chest and lifted him back to his hoofs. Beerz looked up shocked and speechless. The figure the tail was attached to stepped forward into the light. It was Jofro13. Jofro……what…..I mean….how…..


  1. Oh, why, oh why, oh why… Not even a chainsaw can end that abomination that stole my name!!! He keeps using up your apo beerz… Only a matter of time… Having him parade with that number and revelling in it is unlucky… You know it will end in tears…

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