It will begin with Gam€0ver

Have you evr heard about the Orcs that never made it into a Blood Bowl Team? No, not the weaklings, neither the runts or the old. I’m talking about the ones who were too savage to be coached. Yes, believe it or not, they exist. They are mean beyond compare and refuse to follow orders from any coach.

Whenever they play a match, the stadium is empty because the crowd is too scared to attend. Referees need a special life insurance for which they have to pay extra. There’s no prison that will admit them and even their mothers reject them.

Well, let me tell you that they live a very sad life. Can you imagine being extremely good at something, and not being allowed to do it? That would break anyone’s spirit; even the mightiest Orcs can cry, and there’s nothing sadder than to witness such an event.

But who could coach them? Who would dry their tears? Who should show them the way to becoming a team? Only one coach was brave enough to accept the challenge. A new coach in the MML Reborn League.  Some may call him fresh blood, but they would be wrong. Fresh blood of rivals is what he would teach the Orcs to harvest on the pitch.

Siongon75 was out to make a name for himself, and he had found a lean, mean, killing machine to achieve it… it will begin with Gam€0ver

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