Jätemäen Käppänät

Jätemäen Käppänät was blood bowl team from small village called Jätemäki (waste hill). Team had only 7 players, 6 Chaos Dwarfs and only Hobgoblin slave in the village. They played only couple times a year against their Neighbours villages. They didn’t have whole team so they only played blood bowl seven. Always before and after game they dreamed that someday they will play real blood bowl and win World Cup. After one game and many beers they decided we can do this. We only must recruit more players and then we can take part of world cup qualifiers. They went to the nearest villages and told them their plans; let’s unite and we can win world cup. Other village players just laughed at them. You don’t even know how to play real blood bowl, go home. Screw you we can do this without you, said Käppänät.

They took long travel to Zharr-Naggrund. There is lots of blood bowl teams and players, there we can find players. Travel took many days and every time they saw other travellers (individuals or smaller groups) they beat and ropped them. That didn’t happen many times but they got bunch of gold. They thought now we can pay for professional players and we will win world cup! and they drunk more beers… Soon after they arrived to Zharr-Naggrund they realised that none of professional players wanted to join their team.

After many nights and beers, they met Bull Centaurs who introduced themselves; we are Pendraidos and Rhagrakh, we will join your pathetic team if you pay us lot of money. My personal slave can also play if you don’t have enough players, said Pendraidos. MML coach Tore was drinking with them and he was surprised. If you are going to join with those losers, I will take that as a challenge and I will train those bastards to play some decent blood bowl. I even know one Minotaur who might join the team. MML Qualifying competition for world cup will start soon, let’s do this you drunken morons!

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