Jenkins Gets A Package

THE NATION – The celebration from the second consecutive #KillBoxWin went late into the evening, and by late we have reports that the Grunt Groupies finally dispersed around 9pm. Coach Preach runs a tight ship when it comes to getting to bed on time.

“Look, the boys played hard. Now it’s time to rest. We start our evening ritual at 9 each night,” said Preach “Brush your chompers, get your jammies on, Whaling J sings us a song and we hit the sack. It’s what we do.”

The following morning we got permission to spend the day with the Grunts at the clubhouse.

“The morning routine is no different,” said star quarterback Leeroy Jenkins as he escorted us through the BattleField clubhouse “We brush those chompers and then we all go try to get Slim out of bed – he’s not a morning troll.”

Jenkins takes us into the kitchen and points at a basket, made of fruit.

“That showed up earlier this morning. It was a nice note from those smelly elves, but we have no idea what the heck it is,” shrugged Mr. Jenkins.

“Testy thinks it’s a plot to kill us,” said Leeroy rolling his eyes “He thinks everything is a plot…”

Leeroy pokes one of the ‘fruits’ with his finger, “I’ve no idea! Looks risky. We’ll probably give it to Slim and see what happens.”

– by Chip Daily of the New Orcland Daily 



  1. Don’t trust those sneaky High Elves, they’re probably trying to poison Leeroy out of jealousy!

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