Just Score Exclusive – Transcript of Leaping Lizards Board meeting

We here at Just Score managed to get a hold on the transcripts of the latest board meeting of the Leaping Lizard. The story it tells us is shocking and gruesome…

Leaping Lizard Board Meeting – Somewhere in Lustria

Coach Doneagle : “Members of the Board, I called you together to let it know that this is the final season I will coach the Leaping Lizard. The reason is simple, I’ve been contacted by a new team called “The Midnight Howlers” where my coaching skills are very much needed. I also believe …”
Board Member 1 : “Coach Doneagle, you will only talk when spoken too!”
CD : “Uhm…”
BM2 : “Tell us why you are here and called us together!”
CD: “… … … ” Looks around, only serious faces, determines it is not a joke. “… to say i’m done?”
BM1 shouts out “Done? Done with what?”
CD : “.. uhm.. the team”.
The room goes silent.
BM1 : “Very well, allow us a few questions before we can go to the Restitution process”
CD : “… Restitution process?”
BM2 : “Yes”, Reading from a sheet of paper,”tell us what happened to Billy on the team?”
CD : “Very simple, The medic failed to heal him and he died of his injuries”
BM2 : “Really? I’m reading some eye witness accounts here and it seems you were making a slit-throat gesture to the medic.”
CD : “Well, Billy wouldn’t have been the same after that injury so I decided to give him a pro death instead”
BM1 voice booms in the room : “You killed Billy? My nephew?”
CD : “Uhm… I’m sorry?”
BM2 : ” Ok this is clear, for the restitution process you will have to give your life for the life taken, next question”
CD : ” What do you mean give my life?”
BM2 : “Yes, didn’t you read the smallprint of the contract? Every lizard team has this clause. The restitution process determines that for every bad coach action something good needs to happen to counter it or the coach will pay the club back the difference. I don’t see any championships or excellent playoff appearances, so you will have to restitute all that went wrong on the team. Starting with Billy.”
CD : “… And if I decide to carry on?”
BM2 : ” Well the restitution process is only after you quit”
CD : ” Board members, I was joking, the real reason I’m here is to announce my commitment to the team and to sign a new contract ( asap )”
BM1 weeping “Poor Billy”
BM2 : “Very well, we accept your commitment and this new contract commits you to 3 more seasons, glad to have you”
CD signs.

Here we have it MMLPRO coaches, Coach Doneagle will coach Leaping Lizard for the next 3 seasons hoping he can make the restitution process a bit more… life friendlier, especially for himself. We also believe Coach Doneagle has approached some other lizardmen teams in the hope of picking up a new transfer to help with a good playoff run or even a MML championship.

You always hear it here first! ( unless you heard it somewhere else first )
– JS


  1. Did that say 3 more seasons!?!?! I thought we would finally get rid of these guys. Well, glad to have them back I guess. (Checks schedule) looks like I have at least a season to prep.

  2. Nice… I better go and check my own contract. I liked the way this story lured us in and then I laughed outloud with the quick turnaround. Good job, Doneagle, sir. 🙂

  3. Wow those lizard coaches have it rough!! Being stuck coaching lizzies for another 3 seasons?! You poor man! 😉

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