Just Score Investigative Report: Necro Feel-Ya

Just Score Magazine has sent in undercover reporter Hugh Jass Hull, into the Necro Feel-Ya camp for more information regarding the recent firing of head coach Hezekiah87.  This is his report


A dark cloud hung over head as I walked into the stadium. Cobwebs and spider webs lined the hallways of the empty crypt like tomb. I was alone, or so I thought. I heard from around the corner coach Hez say “ This way, my office is down this hall” I jumped into an empty dog cage, I assumed was for transporting werewolves and hoped I wouldn’t be discovered, or worse ignored as a hungry werewolf was loaded into this giant crate with me. I peered through the bars and hunkered down hoping to go unnoticed. A giant Flesh Golem, team captain Bob “steadfast” rounded the corner with a huge wheel barrow followed closely by his soon to be former coach.  As they passed I noticed the wheel barrow contained a giant rock, with the word “Dignity” inscribed clear as day.  What does this mean? I further my resolve to continue my investigation.

Next I decided to see if there was anything on the field that could give me some clues.  I quickly regretted it as I realized this is where the zombies are kept. I suppose the hot sun keeps their flesh nice and rancid to distract opponents. Luckily for me, each zombie had a chain around there necks.  I was closest to Boris Cain, who did not notice me, he was simply standing over a pile of bones and dust and repeatedly stomping them.  My attention turned to the zombie on the far end of the pitch, he was in a cage instead of on a leash.  I walked over to him and saw Terry Bruise sitting cross legged, and fuming mad.  The following is a transcript of our conversation.


HJH: Excuse me, Mr. Bruise, do you have a moment I could ask you some questions?

TB:  Cage locked. Terry stuck. Have time.

HJH: What can you tell me about the recent firing of your head coach?

TB: Hez sucks. Terry elf. Hez no elf coach. Hez hate Terry. Hez hate elfs . Terry ask transfer. Hez lock Terry up.  Terry Hungry. SO HUNGRY.  Come close. Terry eat you.


It was at this moment I decided it was time to leave. No sense in pissing off a hungry zombie.  I made my way to the shipping dock just as truck was pulling out.  I made special care to check out where the truck was from.  All I saw was a huge emblem of a gutter runner in what looked to be a hot tub.  I was quickly distracted by the sound of a howl down the hallway.  It was time to leave.


I’m not sure what is going on with the team but it does seem very strange. Is coach Hez up to something with Dignity? Is he trying to get a Skaven team off the ground? Why has he locked up Terry Bruise away from the rest of the team and denied his transfer? I clearly have more work to do and will continue my investigation.


-Hugh Jass Hull

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