Just Score – Review and Expectations in WAC/WFC

This weeks Just Score Magazine discusses the WAC/WFC playpool in the MML. We decided to check in on these teams and see where the strength and weaknesses are and if they can overcome them this season. Let’s jump in immediately with the highest TV team.

Leaping Lizard – Lizardmen – TV 1880
Leaping Lizard start their 5th season in the PRO and never really made an impact on playoffs. In their only showing they lost versus another lizardman team after forgetting their armor on the field. Coach Doneagle is under pressure from the board to do well this and next season.

Strengths :
– With all the super strength Saurus on the team the LOS is very hard to knock down and most teams will ignore it.
– Wade is always good for a casualty of 2 every game. After his great S4, S5 was a bit lackluster. A well rested and motivated Wade in Season 6 might make the difference.

Weaknesses :
– Saurus are really trained in bashing and are very hard to motivate to bash elsewhere when there is an opponent in front of them.
– Utec of Huatl is new saurus picked up from the market and is unproven. If he is in form, he will be critical in the wood elf matchups together with Wade.
– Skinks tend to drop the ball when they are blitzed by wardancers. Coach doneagle really should train them a bit better to hold onto the ball.

Harrelsons – Wood Elves – TV 1820
Fresh from the challenge league and sitting second in highest team value. The Harrelsons are looking to come in with a bang and show the PRO’s the CL is no joke.

Strengths :
– Deepwood Oak may be the key in the lizard matchups
– Sililith Sprintchamp is a real Sprint Champ and might turn out to be their top scorer this season.
– Dancing Leaves is an ag5 strip ball wardancer and will go ball hunting. If he’s in form, he might cause a lot of headscratching for the opponents.

Weaknesses :
– Flying Fists is a bit behind in training and will be mostly used in support of Dancing Leaves
– Although the team is not carrying many injuries into the PRO, Tristan the Tilt still is not healed fully from previous encounters.
– Taking injuries happens often for Wood Elves and if a team can get the early numbers advantage we’ll have to see if coach LouLizcsc can still motivate his players to get the win.

Slaan Seers – Lizardmen – TV 1750
Coach Josiah_frost took a different approach in his training schedule and concentrated on skink training. He’s fielding 3 AG4 skinks and a possible 1-turner with mv9. The Slaans were in the middle of the table last season and are looking for a top-10 spot this year.

Strengths :
– Those skinks go everywhere, just everywhere. Will the other teams hold them in check?
– All saurus can block as the best Blitzer.

Weaknesses :
– Skink Uldaxl is carrying 2 injuries with him for this season. He can’t be long for this world.
– Because of the training attention josiah_frost gave the skinks, the saurus are falling behind in skills. Especially the lack of guard and tackle might be an issue.

Leaf Dancers – Wood Elves – TV 1670
The semi finalist of Season 5 and winner of the last 2 WAC conference titles must be among the favourites again for this playpool. Can they do 1-step better than last season and make it to the pro final?

Strengths :
– Nadanfel and Mahtar’nwaen are the key players for Leaf Dancers and both are trained in strip ball and tackle.
– Nadanfel actually has trained on dodging and leaping and can do it better than any elf.
– With trained in both block and dodge, a team without tackle training will find it hard to get the key players on the ground.

Weaknesses :
– Their first game the Leaf Dancers will need to field a hired player as they are still carrying an injury on Luanne from the semi final.
– Althonanna is carrying an injury and might need to retire or be (forcefully ) retired soon.
– As every wood elf teams Takes injuries often, it’s always a possibility in every game. But coach Ponghines showed in previous seasons that his tactics can still handle a numbers disadvantage on the field.

Granite City Grimbeards – Dwarves – TV 1620
After a disappointing 2-2-3 ( W-D-L ) record of last season, coach just_stevie must be aiming to do better this season. The team is stacked with tackle and guard and is extremely well equipped for this playpool.

Strengths :
– Dwarfs have a natural tackle affinity and elfs and skinks will find it hard to escape those little buggers.
– With all the armor, guard and mighty blow the team can bash it out with the best.
– the Frenzy players can control the sidelines and players might have to be careful to not end up in the crowd.

Weaknesses :
– One should think a strength 2 troll slayer might be a liability for the team but dauntless training might make this a non-issue. We shall see if after a couple of games coach just_stevie replaces Finber Elf-Bruiser ( fitting name )
– With 5 fast teams in the playpool, the dwarfs might find it hard to keep up.
– The team might look into some extra training as the Reroll count is a bit low for a dwarf team. Some early failed blocks might lead into problems later in the half on key plays.

Thugs of Weldrake – Chaos – TV 1570
After the disaster of last season, coach hairy is really looking to avoid relegation this year and has made some key changes in the team, he has changed his views on Rerolls and is now fielding a leader Chaos Warrior called McMasters.

Strengths :
– The Thugz with Rerolls are a scary proposition for any team.
– Lot of players are training very hard and are close to getting a new skill, will we see more mutations on these beastman and Chaos Warriors?
– Baseball Fury has tentacles and will be a key ingredient for success vs the wood elf and Lizardman teams. Supported by Frisney Beard With his Tail, elfs and skinks will find dodging away not a mundane task.
– Good positioning of Reapwarp Dal’Shin might be critical in these matchups as his diving tackles are legendary.

Weaknesses :
– Lack of Claws and MB might make it hard for this team to get the numbers advantage early, but if they do the win can’t be far off.
– they are carrying some injuries over. The low armored Smirnoff is a liability but by training in dodge this is mitigated a bit.
– Lack of Tackle will hurt.

White Owlz – Wood Elves – TV 1490
Our Season 5 champion enters this season with a new wardancer picked up from the market. If the White owlz can win the championship with 1 wardancer, fielding 2 will put the fear in the opposition. The White Owlz are again amongst the favourites in this playpool that really lacks tackle training.

Strengths :
– 2 wardancers !!
– Sornyrd is a key player and can’t be taken lightly.
– With lot of dodge and block training, teams without tackle might struggle to get the ball from the catchers or wardancers

Weaknesses :
– The team will have to rely on some hired help as the finals took a toll on the team with 2 missing players. The team also still needs to buy an 11th player so this means 3 hired elfs for game 1.
– Will the armor hold up versus the more bashy teams. Especially the dwarf team might get lucky and injure even more players and they are matched up for Game 1. That game might set the tone of this season.

Flat Earth Angels – Chaos – TV 1420
Flat Earth Angels and coach Silent_thunder ended up only 27th last season with a 1-1-5 record ( W-D-L ) and are looking to improve the current players of the team instead of hoping for a playoff spot in our opinion. This will be a building year and they might find it hard to get away from the bottom and fight against relegation. Coach silent though has showed time and time again that he can’t be counted out and good positioning and clever plays may cause some upsets.

Strengths :
– The strongest players of the team are all trained with block and will alleviate the turnover problem of most Chaos teams at a low team value.
– A lot of players are close to their next skill and coach silent is very silent about what training they are currently doing. Will this team field more tackle after game 1 or 2 or will they field more claw/mb. The team can go either way with a couple of games and adapt quicky to his next opponents.

Weaknesses :
– No Mighty blow or claws on the team (yet)
– Very low Team Value compared to the other teams and might need to rely heavily on inducements who are unreliable at best.

JS Predictions for WAC/WFC playpool
We predict a very tight top 4 fight for playoffs and the we predict the following outcome :
1. Leaf Dancers
2. Leaping Lizard
3. White Owlz
4. Granite City Grimbeards
5. Slaan Seers
6. Harrelsons
7. Thugs of Weldrake
8. Flat Earth Angels


  1. This is a really interesting and helpful write-up Don. Nice to see another persons opinions regarding the teams in our playpoool. 😉 … And Shots, sir. Too kind sir, but possibly a little premature. 😉

  2. Results are in :
    1 Harrelsons 13 4 2 1 0.643
    2 Leaping Lizard 13 3 0 4 0.714
    3 Slaan Seers 12 4 3 0 0.571
    4 White Owlz 12 3 1 3 0.643
    5 Granite City Grimbeards 12 3 1 3 0.643
    6 Dream Wild 4 1 3 1 0.300
    7 Thugz of Wheldrake 4 1 5 1 0.214
    8 Flat Earth Angels 4 1 5 1 0.214

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