Kalpa Kassinen and Hoppelit

MML coach Tore was traveling around globe after Dawi-Zharr’s first MML season to seeking new interesting players. Tore watched few blood bath games from amateur Chaos Dwarf teams, games was really bloody but none of the players didnt impress Tore. It was time to take break from Blood Bowl. Game wasn’t first thing in Tore’s mind when he went to Repunpää. Plan was to enjoy delicious food and drinks made by famous Halfling Chef Kalpa Kassinen.

One day Tore was eating really delicious food in Kalpa’s restaurant and chatting with head chef.  Tore found out that Kalpa was also fan of blood bowl and he invited Tore to watch local blood bowl game. Game was Hoppelit vs Pipe Bowl. Kalpa’s friends and cousins played in team Hoppelit. Kalpa was also part of the team, he was teams chef. Tore find out that it was really fun to watch amateur Halfling game, after all those bloody Chaos Dwarf games. Best thing was Kalpa’s delicious foods. Hoppelit won game 2 – 1.

After game Tore asked if team wanted to travel around globe and play training games against other than Halfling teams. Hoppelit was interested and most importantly Kalpa was also interested to travel with rest of the team. Tore promised to arrange games time to time. Hoppelit was really keen to play against new teams and they was more than happy when Tore promised to be assistant coach on those games.

In past years Hoppelit has played 12 games around globe, in every game Tore has travelled to game also. Tore has been really impressed how well Hoppelit has played, 12 games with record 5 – 2 – 5 has been better what Tore ever imagined. Tore’s biggest reason to take part was Kalpa’s delicious foods and drinks but after every game Tore has been also more and more excited to game. Few times Tore has also traveled to Repunpää for Hoppelit training camps. After last training game against Carroburg Carnage Tore asked if Hoppelit have intrested to join real blood bowl league. Answer was yes.

Hoppelit bought young talent Polo Carrot from Fouling lil Monsters, coached by great MML coach momocphee. Momocphee got 70k and lot’s of Kalpa’s famous foods and drinks and Hoppelit got future super star Polo. Now Tore, Kalpa and 14 players are ready to join MML CL league. Deeproot, Zara and Puggy has also been seen with the team.

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