Karak Dragons

Karak Dragons

Pyro and the rest of his Clan’s Warband had fought a decades long campaign to rid the Karak of the giant wyrm. Eventually they triumphed, aided by two particularly enthusiastic Slayers, but the once great trading post and architectural wonder lay in ruins.

There was to be a meeting held by the Clan’s elders to determine how best to proceed in rebuilding the City and attracting trade. There was plenty of gold to help rebuild but they needed to attract visitors.

The following day an elder a member of the Clan and senior Guildsman spoke to the remaining Dwarfs in what was once a large Guild Hall.

‘Fellow Dwarfs, as you may have come to notice, we need to rebuild and attract trade to our great Karak. To this end we have decided to utilise the Dragon’ s old sleeping nest in the arena. Yes, it’s run down, but it is still largely in tact. We believe a Blood Bowl team is needed to attract players and supporters of all races, (maybe not Elves he mumbled under his breath) to encourage such trade. We have sent an invite to a long standing coach to bring out the best in our team’

Many of the Dwarfs looked excitedly at each otherlint in their eye – many had revelled in the long war and the outlet it gave to their fury. Since the dragon had been vanquished, violence was bubbling under the surface waiting to be unleashed.

The elder continued. ‘At this moment we are now looking for volunteers to represent this city’.

Immediately several hands shot up. Pyro was not surprised to see so many including his own.

‘Excellent! As expected we have a lot of volunteers!’

He beckoned eleven Dwarfs, Pyro included to the front.

The Karak Dragons were born.

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