Keep your cadavers secret, keep them safe.

Riff looked to his brother Raff and admired what they had accomplished.  Never in his wildest dreams did he dream of ever making it to the MML.

The teetering corpses before him barely stood on their feet but they were animated and ready for commands.  It took a long time for him and his brother to find the right cadavers and body parts to assemble their team.  They never could have done it without the help from the necromancer who went by the nickname of MrRubberbullets.

He licked his lips and began to imagine the taste of blood that he would soon have when the season begins.  To not have to skulk in the shadows and wait for his meals had become a chore, especially with hunters always looking to make some extra coin on werewolf bounties.  He could now kill and eat with abandon, never again having to worry about the consequences.

Soon the necromancer will be done with the flesh golem and the team will be ready.  Raff chuckled and Riff looked at him with a quirked eyebrow and said, “what’s funny brother?”

Raff looked at him smiling and said, “I just thought of a name for our team.”

“Oh and what is that?”

“Cadaver Robbers.”

Riff began to chuckle that turned into laughter.  After he quieted down, he agreed with his brother.  The name was perfect after all.  How else could they have gotten this team together without some grave robbing.

At that moment the door leading to the building to Riff left shattered open into splinters and brute came stomping out to join the rest of the team.  Raff smiled and turned to Riff and asked, “is it time?”

“Yes Raff,” answered Riff sharing his smile.  “It’s time.”

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