Kick Off

The coach had called in a few favours; he wanted and needed the right back room staff for the next adventure. He knew with the right people he could make Big Hope just that, a big hope.

So he had called on a few veterans of the game, people he knew would give it their all and be able to tell these rookies, these bright-eyed young things, full of hope, what was going to happen and the honest, and indeed, somewhat bloody truth.

These coaches Zipper, Tiny, and coming out of his retirement, the legend, Mushroom, from Big Hearts Small…., and Big and Gigantic from Big Surprise. The coach had also twisted the arms and pulled in favours to get onboard Fat Albert, Strongarm Bill and Uglena Manish from the Mighty Mighty Reds, the first and only ogre team to make the pros.

These legends of ogres and gnoblars were going to teach everything they knew to the rookies. Every dirty play, every trick, every thing that they needed to come out, play, perhaps stay alive, and fight for ogre kind.

These coaches had been assigned a group of players who for the first week, they couldn’t believe their luck. A few of the played asked for autographs, star struck. Two wanted to be the cool ones and didn’t think the coaches deserved their respect; the words ‘has beens’ ‘didn’t win anything’ and ‘boneheads’ were chucked around. These two were quickly dealt with, regretting almost instantly what they said as the coaches had a private 1 to 1 with them away from prying eyes (but not prying ears).

The Coach was now on kickoff countdown; he had looked at their rivals, and there was opportunity here to do something. The schedule had just been released, and he knew a good start (anything but a loss) would be essential. That start was against goblins and they were always fun, and a crowd pleaser; their coach a legend in his own right. There were plans for every team and every situation, and a high hope that the 3 dwarfs teams would just go away and self destruct.

The team hadn’t even played together; sure practice was going well; no one had died (yet) and the squad were looking good.

The coach and the players were ready for the chance to shine and whatever Nuffle threw at them, well they would just throw it back.

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