King Of Yolo No Mo’

Coach Spawn sat in his office looking over the injury report from week 2. Mostly strains, sprains and bruises. Then he saw the one he was looking for. Twerkin’s.  Most knew him as the King of YOLO after the Orcidas bowl heroics. One of the top Gutter Runners in the league. He took a nasty hit this week. All coach Spawn knew during the game was the Apothecary said he did all he could, but it wasn’t looking good. Now here it was the official report. Although both Twerkin’s heads were functioning, he had lost mobility in 1 arm. A devastating injury. Just then a knock on the door. It was Twerkin’. Tears in his eyes. His arm hanging limp by his side. He took a seat.

“Coach, I can still play.” He said.

Coach Spawn just shook his head. “Your a ball carrier. You can’t protect the ball with 1 arm. It will be hard enough to pick it up with 1 hand. An unmutated one at that.”

Twerkin sat there quiet. He couldn’t believe this was it. His career over. Dreams of getting back to the championships crushed.

“But, I have a proposition for you.” Coach Spawn said. “We have a young Runner, Cheesin’. He is talented, but young. We are also looking for a new Runner. They will need coaching. Twerkin’, we want to hire you as a positional coach. You not only have the respect of many coaches, but also many new players. It would be an honor to have you on the sidelines with us still.”

Twerkin’ sat there in shock. He never gave thought to coaching. He always thought he would retire a champion on the pitch. Retire as a Skuttle Butts, the greatest Skaven team to ever join the MML.

Coach Spawn cleared his throat. “I need a decision now.”

“Of course,” Twerkin’ replied “I would be honored to coach next to someone as legendary as you sir!”

“Excellent!” Coach Spawn was excited. “Just sign this contract and let’s get to work! We have a championship to win. Also, you have Runners to train.”


  1. Such a shame about poor Twerkin’! – Hopefully he will pass the Yolo on to the other GR’s in his new role! 🙂 Gooooo Amazing Skuttle Butts! 🙂

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