Champions Cup – Pumpkin Kings

The wind whistled through the deserted terraces of the Pumpkin Pitch, home of the mighty Pumpkin Kings, last pro champions of The Orcidas Bowl.

A lone figure cast a silhouette over the halfway line. Badfak, the legendary thrower and team captain, allowed himself a wry smile. So they were thinking of running a Champions Cup? Would they even dare to invite him and the boyz along? He wasn’t sure, but he wanted the Kings ready just in case.

He cupped his gnarled hands around his mouth and bellowed; ‘Pixie, Butters, Zibbit! Get da rest of da ladz down! I wants us ready to put da Blood in dis Blood Bowl tourn’ment. The boss sez he’ll be back for a one off if we’s all promise to catch da ball, not fall over and do wot he sez. Also it’d be good if we didn’t die until after da match.’

A few grizzled looking veterans ambled on to the pitch looking lean, mean and green.

It made Badfak’s small heart swell with pride. It was time that the Kings were crowned and proved to the world they were the best Orc team the MML had ever seen.

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