Locked in a Cell: Born For Greatness

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Deep in the Orcatraz dungeons…
The warden patrols down to dark corner where the Gobbo Gambling Jailbreak are held. Behind him a small platoon of large black orc guards shuffle in.

The warden stops in front of a cell.

Juicy!  You have been replaced.  You will be placed into general population for the remainder of your sentence.”

The troll looks up with a said look.  He may have been large and stupid… But, someplace deep in that thick skull he knew that he wouldn’t survive the time he would need to get out.  Most sentences in Orcatraz ended with the inmate being shipped out in a wooden box.

Massive chains wrapped the Troll as the Orcs let him out.

The warden looked into the coaches cell,

Your new Troll, HideRot, will be arriving tomorrow.  We searched high and low to find him.  This one was Born For Greatness.  Unfortunately for him, tonight he will be arrested for illegal possession of a poison tipped crossbow.”

The warden pulls a crossbow from a bag and hands it to a guard and mutters something to him about, “getting the right troll this time.”  Then smiles and walks off.

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