Locker Room Heat

Sweat built on his brow as he entered the locker room. The Longthorns had finished the season 2-0-5 and he felt it was his fault. Dmdouble0 had recruited and groomed a great team. There was no excuse for the record. If this was skaven, other Elves or humans this talk would be easy. The Longthorns were Dark Elves though, and not the scrawny type. He had built a team of bruisers. He was now afraid to become the bruised.

He had led them like they were a finesse team that he hadn’t assembled. He had discovered his error, but would he live through this meeting to implement it. He could hear grumbling as he approached. His collar felt tight. He wiped sweat from his forehead and entered.

The team sat angrily around the room. Dmdouble0 heard wood crack from the back of the room. The kicker scurried away from the bench that was splintering under Bloody Thorne’s boot. Bloody was the team’s brawny witch elf star. She glowered menacingly at him. False courage flooded him. “Ok team,” he blasted. “We played like a bad Wood Elf team this season. I didn’t sign on to coach wood elves.” The grumbling grew. The bench shattered beneath Bloody’s boot. “That’s coming out of your salary,” he stated. “This coming season we’re playing like a Chaos team. I want the other teams riddled with broken bones and bloody bodies. We’re not Goblins so when I say injuries I mean bone shattering hits. I want players crowd surfed into the second row. When the pitch is clear then you score, or no ones standing to hit. So there will be no more players tripping over rats on the way to the end zone I’ve hired s new power house.” At the last statement Bloody Thorne somehow got even paler. She thought back to a CL playoff game in overtime. She was only a few steps from scoring. Instead of flattening a scrawny Skaven, she shoved him aside and proceeded to stumble over him on the way to the end zone. Falling flat as time expired. The Longthorns finished the game with a loss in double overtime. Coach Dmdouble0 continued “I’ve called up The Valeyard from one of our farm teams. We’ve got Woodson waiting in the wings for season XIV. I expect to call him up to a Pro team for season XIV after we win the CL title this season. Any less and a head will roll!” He thought about Mistress Thorne and worried it would be his.

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