Long live Da Big Green!

Offseason – a word that means for many time to relax, fix their injuries or train to come back better and stronger. But for the Orcs the offseason means to be a true Orc! Pillage, rage and rob villages were the best things for an Orc. The team acted as a tribe, but sometimes one was going on an adventure by himself. So did Zun, the Lineorc of Die Orkischen Brecher. The Orc had a good time. He collected some new armour and even a cleaver to attack with. The nights he was spending sleeping in caves. Was he afraid of being attacked? Not at all. He snored so loud, no one would try to come close because they must think there is a huge enemy ahead.


One day Zun saw smoke ahead. “A camp… good!”, he smiled in an evil manor. Since the Orc was alone and not the tallest or biggest, he sneaked ahead and tried to spy what was ahead. When he laid down on the ground and peaked over the edge of a small hill, he saw some Goblins. “Oh… nofing”, he mourned. Goblins usually had nothing with them and Zun wasn’t hungry, so he needed no food too. The Orc walked around the camp to not trigger the Goblins. He could have fought them, but Zun wanted to save his strength for some proper fights and robbing.


Zun spend the whole day robbing some smaller camps of humans. He killed no one, just took their stuff and food. Maybe he tickled one or two… broke some bones… but they were definitely breathing when he left! What happened after wasn’t his business, was it? He walked the long way back to his cave and came across the Goblin camp again. “Zun wonders if small Gitz still ‘ere. Could snack one”, he thought and walked forward. But when he came closer to the camp, he heard the Gobbos screaming in fear. They were attacked by a group of Humans. “Humies… urgh!”, he mourned and was about to leave when suddenly one of the Humans stabbed a Goblin and killed him. The small one screamed in pain when he was breathing his last breath. Zun turned around. What was this feeling? Just a bunch of Goblins getting killed… what’s wrong with that? But they were Greenskins after all… and Humans were disgusting! “Hey Humies! Run!”, he shouted as he was slowly walking to the group of 5 Humans. The Goblins crowded together… Zun wasn’t good at counting, but they were more than the Humans.


The 5 Humans now faced the Orc and ignored the Goblins who took instantly advantage, grabbed their small daggers and stabbed 2 of the Humans. Again, the Humans turned around, facing the Goblins which let to Zun charging at them now and with full force crashing into them, ripping apart each and every one of the group The Gobbos helped as Zun commanded them and told them what to do. When the group was killed the Gobbos cheered and praised Zun. “Long live da big Green!” Apparently, the Goblins never saw a Blackorc or any bigger Greenskin… but Zun didn’t care. The small Gitz saw him as their leader now and Zun was ready to finally be something bigger than a lineorc who was just on the pitch to be punched. He was da big Green now… leader of a Goblin tribe! “Gitz! There is shiny stuff to rob!”, he shouted as the Goblins cheered and the tribe wandered off in the unknown of the Old World…

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