Los Pumas Champions Cup

As DiscoDavo sat at the bar of Los Pumas stadium he held an ice pack on his bruised and batter limbs wondering why he decided to step on to the pitch and become player / coach for Season 25 in the MML.
Looking around the room the answer started to dawn on him, he noticed the shiny Bowl trophies and the Season 4 MML Pro trophy that were proudly displayed in various cabinets…. they were all very old, no new trophies in years. His arrival on the pitch was meant to inspire the players and to help them reach the heights of teams gone past. But the reaction from the players had not been as he had hoped and if he was honest his own performance had not been to the standard that he was expecting. What he wouldn’t give to have the likes of Royce Gracie the ST5 blizter back or the Agile AG4 thrower Aleric Frej, but alas players of this calibre are few and far between and certainly not lining up to join Los Pumas!
As he walked home from the bar he could smell and unpleasant odour, unpleasant but familiar…. Gut-Splitter?? Is that you?
Valgott Gut-Splitter, the Human Orge who played for the Los Pumas from Season 2 to Season 4, stepped out of the shadows and said “I still don’t know why you cut me boss, I won the title and you dropped me like a bad habit. It still hurts, but I know how we can fix it. I’ve got a proposal for you, if I can get the guys back together will you come and lead us in the MML Pro Champions Cup? And if we win it, will you hire me back??”
DiscoDavo was instantly excited to get the old team together but what shape would they be in? What about the players who had died…. the idea seemed better in theory than in reality and with that told Valgott that as much as he would like him back on the team it wasn’t possible to get the old players back and he would have to decline the ludicrous offer.
Valgott smiled and said he could get the original team back together in their prime, the team that won the title in fact!
DiscoDavo assumed Valgott had been drinking more than he had and went to walk away, Valgott stopped him and said come see boss, I got all the guys already at the old gym, they are still partying from the title win… Confused and in no mood to fight an Orge DiscoDavo followed Valgott to the gym.
As he approached he could hear signing, he peered through a window and saw Conor McGregor the natural one turner drinking from the MML Pro trophy, still looking as young and as fresh-faced as he did more than 20 seasons ago. Bemused DiscoDavo ask Valgott how this was possible? How Royce and Aleric in that room… I watched them die on the pitch!!!
Valgott stretch out his long arm, open his hand and offer DiscoDavo the choice of a Red pill or a Blue pill….. DiscoDavo doesn’t do drugs so refused both and shouted HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE????
Valgott whispered in DiscoDavo’s ear exactly in fine detailed how he had made this possible… he made DiscoDavo never tell a soul how he did it.
DiscoDavo agreed and also agreed to lead the team to the MML Pro Champions Cup!

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