Los Pumas Return to Glory??

Following the worst season in Los Pumas history (played 7 lost 7) Coach DiscoDavo decided to bring in the recently retired Captain, who played 108 games for the Pumas, Rein Advar. The purpose was to give the current players a motivational pep talk ahead of the new season and to see who had the minerals to step up and be the new Captain.
Rein Advar Stood in the middle of the locker room and looked every player in the eye before starting his speech…
“The difference between a second-rate team and a great team lies in the attitude of the team members, not in the talent of the team leader. Personal talent is no guarantee of excellent results. With a very talented leader and rotten apples, you have a lousy team; and with a very talented leader and a poor attitude, you have a run-of-the-mill team. If the attitude is just average, you get a good team; and if the attitude is positive, the team’s effectiveness grows exponentially… what we do through our friends is as if we had done it ourselves.”
Rein went on by saying “If a leader is able to look beyond the next victory and overcome the initial temptation of short-term success, he will find that he comes face to face with real people and an all-around leader must be able to read the hearts and minds of his colleagues and followers. He is responsible for his actions, which convey the principles by which he wishes to live. He is not deceived and deceives no one, but faces reality as it is, not as a selective… attitude reflects leadership”.
The room was engrossed and listened wide eyed to every word Rein spoke… even if they didn’t understand any of it… “When a leader helps people believe in themselves, achieve what they need and desire, and develop their potential through effort and learning that prompts fresh learning, he will have helped them give the best of themselves. A leader must give way in order to progress; in other words, he must relinquish rights in order to acquire responsibilities. That is how a leader earns promotion. Impetus is his best ally.”
At this point Lazy Smurf asked Juan Giro quietly, “Who’s Impetus?” Juan replied “I don’t know, maybe a new signing??”
Rein didn’t hesitate and continued, “There is a complicated balance between leadership and results. It is difficult to talk about leadership without somehow associating it with results, whether understood in narrow Win/Loss terms or in a much broader social and human sense. The burden of a leaders responsibility is measured against what he is expected to achieve. Everything else is excuses, however reasonable or well argued they may be”. Rein’s speech was coming to an end and he continued to raise his voice into a deafening bellow… “Now I call on each of you to look deep inside yourself, who wants to step forward and be the leader of this team, who wants to be the one to lead this team back to glory and lift the Pro title for the second time?”
The room broke out into applause, what a speech DiscoDavo thought to himself, it almost inspired him to lace up his boots and return to the pitch once more, however he stayed silent, waiting for the applause to stop and the battle of who wants to be the new Captain to commence… who will fight hardest to prove their love for the team and eye-gouge their way to the Los Pumas Captains arm band…
The applause finally stopper, however no fight broke out, not a word was uttered by anyone, the room fell silent and stayed silent.
After several minutes Rein Advar finally spoke and asked “Does nobody want this honor to lead the team?”
Again silence fell across the locker room, until Dagg Destructive, the teams big guy and now longest serving player, spoke up and boomed his deep voice across the room in a surprisingly articulate way (for an Ogre!) “Well, Captain Advar, you have left behind some pretty big shoes to fill, even for me and I have size 54 feet!, but you see, we are all happy basking in the glory of the Season 4 MML Pro title and just want to play the game for having fun.” All the players in the changing room (none of whom were on the Season 4 team!) erupted with delight that Dagg had said what they were all thinking.
Rein and DiscoDavo looked at each other, shrugged and declared… Los Pumas has no captain and have no aspirations of silverware, titles or glory!

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