Madonnatron Vs Shaniqua Bot – Wardrobe Malfunctions, Cauldrons & Butt Kicking.


As the desperate screams once again turned to gargled bubbling beneath the surface of molten gold the thousanth hobgoblin decended up to his still chained ankle inside the vast cauldron Grey Seer Mercy let out a sigh of tedium and destain.. A couple of dozen more & the archane sacrifice would be stable enough for the warp infusion needed to repower his seriously depleated team of mechanically enhanced blood bowlers..

The theory had been so deliciously simple, yet genius.. (it was his own creation after all!) .. Merging chaos dwarf dark forge workmanship with warp magic to unleash the perfect athletes hell bent on attaining the MML title at all costs.. but what a cost it had already been to date? And they were barely underway in their 2nd season & already facing another alarming forcast of midtable mediocraty in the division.
It had taken every nouse of negotiating for Mercy to have been spared (let alone reinstated) as head coach after Season 8.. but convincing the powers that be that 3-1-3 was a winning record(??!) had once again saved his skin.. for now…

mml chorf2

— The rare victory against a slaughtered Darkmoon Blades, went well!! —

.. as yet another hobo was winched upwards he felt a pang of envy..this poor creatures season (& impending fate) was looking considerably more appealing than his own!
Many promises to some particularly henious chaos gods & complete & utter cults had been made & debt collection this side of the auric bastion came swiftly & included unfathomable cruelty & no shortage of pointy sticks!

Not only that.. but the plains of magic that had recently transported him to this bizarre parallel dimension had not been stable of late & last season the much anticipated mirror match between MVSB & the mighty Hogwartz had resulted in a major fiasco aftertheir newly errected stadium ‘Zigg A Zigg AAAAHHrena’ was transported last minute to the realm of Tzeentch for a snotling ‘Blood Bowling’ match!!.. everyone knows Tzeentch is a jerk.. but hey.. he’s a god, so there was little one could do to protest.

…S7,M4,Assassins Guild,Goblin Gambling.. even the ‘Curl up & Dye’ beard braiding salon .. Mercy had struck deals, made promises, coluded & cadjouled his
way into this league & only 1 thing would sate thes shadowy powers, namely silverware.. & there were now 2 hopes of hope & Bob Hope..

(& they’d have to wait for the market for that particular legend!!)

mml madonnatron2

— The magestic Madonnatron, doing what she does best!! —

– in short, they were (but honestly, who cares about ‘they’… HE was)  in trouble.. unless..

3 more games, no more defeats or armour deficiencies.. & a ‘genuine’winning record would go a long way to renegotiating with his creditors once again..

(or at the very least maybe saving him from the cauldron!)

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