Manly Men Wear Tights

Rand sat in his office, arguing with himself as was becoming more and more frequent these days.  He had made a decision even before the loss on week 7. This had been his last season coaching Plague Inc. A group of men (wearing tights of all things)had approached him a few weeks into the season, saying that they wanted to hire him, to bring a team of Men, Manly Men into the CL, offering a large sum of money up front. At first Rand had agreed with the voice in his head, saying he would never leave Plague Inc. But as the season progressed, and the extreme lack of pleasure he was getting out of coaching this slow, dumb team, arguing with players constantly, afraid one would kill him, he had decided to take the men in tights up on their offer. He needed out. He needed to refresh, get a new team, one that he wasn’t scared of. After the loss, well actually before the game was even done, Rand had snuck away, and left Plague Inc behind. It was cowardly, weak, and the voice screamed at him the whole time, yet he did it. He ran away from Plague inc. He traveled to Sherwood Forest, the place he had been told to head too. There he  had met his new team. The Merry Band of Men. Rand was excited to finally be coaching normal players. Not monstrosities of the Gods. These were Men, even if they were wearing tights. And season 14 was going to be awesome.

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