Match Day 1 – More highs than lows – A Whitby Albion Tale

The pre match rituals are done, I’ve said all I can say to fire these guys up, now its time for Whitby Albion to put all the friendly behind them, the speculation ends now.

Something is not right, Lord Jo Fro and his brothers seem distant.

The stadium is packed, the fans come from far and wide,  I gaze in awe around soaking in the atmosphere until my eyes lock on the beasts on the opposite team.  On paper they looked less dangerous.

Well as least we won the coin toss, as Lord Jo Fro elected to kick.  Setting up as we had practiced on the training field to give us best chance to react to what ever the Tigers would do.

Heavy hits were raining down on the Blood pack (Thrall contingency) but they kept standing. I couldn’t help but glance at our medical team every time one of the powerful hits went in.

Wait, there it is, there was our chance Lord Jo Fro had an opportunity to sack the Beast Ball carrier, with encouraging voice I shout out my commands for him to take his chances,  Jo Fro looked at me and then sunk his teeth into one of his team mates, missing the opportunity, leaving our defence open as the Tigers ran home their first touchdown of the season.

Ok that happened.  but we can fix this,  as the guys set up the Blood pack and Angels of Whitby (Vampires) setup strong to one flank.  I yell out loud, c’mon man, the team has been flanks with a weak side kick. we could be in massive trouble here.  To my dismay the Angels of Whitby and the Blood Pack continue there push up the right flank leaving Captain Scoresby to move left in ball recovery.  With pressure coming from what can only be described as a herd of beasts, Scoresby steps sideways and throws a long pass down field to Captain cook and his Blood pack runner,  Cook making the catch but taking a hit, the crowd go mad as he stays on his feet,  This is it, this is Whitby’s first TD in the MML.

Oh give me strength, Captain Cook in all the excitement, rather than do the simple thing and score has made a beeline for one of his team mates, only he didn’t make it and now they are sending medical crew in to the stands as Cook feasts.

The tigers collect the loose ball and charge down field to take the Half 2-0.

I stand here in the Dressing room,  wondering what i need to do,  wondering what I should have done, wondering if this is right for me any more.  I look at the Blood Pack, 4 missing as they are being tended to next door by our medical team,  I look at the Angels and see Count Dracula, despondent and distant…  I lose it and i get in his space, ‘What is going on, have you no pride man’  He stands, towering about my 6ft frame, and bears his fangs…. I might have gone too far…. Jo Fro steps in between us shouting down the Count,  Listen, Listen to me, Listen to Coach Hawca… were embarrassing ourselves, were embarrassing Whitby..  I want to see something different, Listen to that man for if you dont, all that be unnatural help you so…

We take the field setting up flank heavy again, and the Tigers kick to the opposite flank, only this time the Angels take charge driving forward and switching flanks,  The blood pack set up a strong screen and i hear a terrifying growl, one I know, one that give me fear deep in my core, the Count has left a Tiger laying on the floor and is stood over his prone body as lord Jo fro runs in Whitby first TD of the MML season 15.

There is a sense of ‘Game on’ now,  Ive been here before, I draw on all my experience as a coach and bark orders,  Tigers set up and we choose to kick deep.  we have to take our chances as I point my team down field, Wait, one of the Blood Pack has put his body on the line and now lays lifeless dead on the floor,  this sends Whitby’s Angels in to a frenzy and the Count returns the favour and has a Tiger carried off and Captain James Cook makes his hit, Turn over.. my coaching team go wild, where was this first half?  with the end zone in side Captain Cook picks up the ball, and I see it, that hunger in his eyes… ‘Not now, NO’ I shout and he snaps out of it running in Whitby’s 2nd and His first.

With little on the clock, I call a time out. In the huddle I issue my orders, this is our last chance to get on top and take this game,  The Tigers are as the Count has put no lass than 4 on the Apo’s Table. The kick is high and deep and we Blitz. Putting the Tigers under a lot of pressure, taking down the Tigers ball carrier and securing the ball, only to see a fumbled pick up end up in the crowds.  The Tigers fans throw the ball upfield towards a warrior but Lord Jo Fro is first to the pick up, Holding his nerve and his appetite to run in his 2nd and Whitby Albion match winning 3rd Touchdown.

A well fought game, the Albion showing their resolve, and as if that wasnt good news enough we have contracts completed by our board for two new members of the Blood Pack.

Tonight the Moon shines on Whitby

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