Mischievous Maple Syrup??

The sounds of footsteps echoed back out of the locker room hallways, as the Mischievous Maples cleared their locker room and prepared for the walk home for the off season. Despite being one of the worst ranked teams in Reborn this season, morale was high and the laughter was keeping everyone on a positive note.
“You’re not quite as tall as the original Branch” taunted Limb, “and your almost twice as ugly!”

The team busted out in belly laughter as Branch 2.0s face turned red. He had been brought in unexpectedly at the end of the season and the coach decided instead of using his real name of Sventure that he would register him as Branch 2.0 in hopes of keeping team unity alive and because he knew it would help put pressure on his newest recruit. Lineman are to expensive to have to replace all the time and since they refuse to wear any armor, Darkhairman2 likes to really on internal pressure from each other to keep them on the edge of their games. Last seasons paltry 1 draw and 6 losses was still rubbing him the wrong way, but he had an idea for how to bring the pain in the upcoming reborn season, just requires a trip to the Maple Grove and a little bit of cash…

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