Misfits new grove

       Beerz stood in the dressing pen after the final game of the season. Sitting with 4 ties the team was safe from relegation. The guys were sitting around talking about how no empty slots opened up this season. Ullow and Billy sat in the corner laughing as the sharpened their claws. Jofro13 was on the far wall throwing axes at a picture laughing. A knock came on the door. Beerz turned and opened it to see a messenger standing their with an envelope. Beerz opened it. Dear Magrita Misfits. You are in danger of relegation please wait for notice of where you will be playing next season. Beerz turned to the team. Quit now there’s no time for this celebration. We could be going down to the challenge league next season. Everyone stopped and looked at him not knowing what to say. A couple minutes passed and everyone went back to what they were doing. Beerz was confused. Ketel what are you guys doing? Coach we don’t care where we play as long as we play. Beerz stood there with a dumb look on his face. Well guess that sounds good then, he thought.

       He turned to leave and go on with his day when suddenly the door swung open and knocked him straight on his rear end. Everyone stopped and turned to the door. Standing there was a shinny hairy beastman. His armor was freshly cleaned his claws were shinning in the low light of the room. He looked at each player then looked down at Beerz. What is this celebrating another disappointing season. Laughing when you should be on the pitch hitting and winning. Guess I’ve come at the right time. It’s time to turn this joke of a team, the never will be good like the BCPH. I’m here to change this team. I’m Carly Mantle I’ve played more games in this league on a team with more history and passion then this. The Thugz would never act like this and that being said your silly act is over. He looked over at Faun. You beastelf I’ll give your slow broken self two options. Ether you run away now or my claws are going to show this bunch of misfits what hitting looks like. Faun jumped up and took off out the door like goblin being throwen by a smart troll. Carly didn’t even look at the beastman as he left the room but his hands quivered as if they were ready to strike. Now I’m going to say this once and once only. Your here to play blood bowl not no patty cake so if you don’t think you can take it I suggest you fallow that poor excuse of a beastman and leave now……. Right now let’s get to work. He looked down at Beerz and offered him his hand. Beerz stood totally shocked and with a little pee in his trousers. Oh by the I have this for you. He reached behind his back and pulled out the head of the messenger. Oops sorry not that, as he laughed.  Seems he was hiding another letter for you and was laughing as he walked away. He reached back and pulled the letter and handed it to coach Beerz. Looks like the Misfits are staying in the pros for your best season yet. Yes Carly season 13 will be the season of the Misfits.

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