MML Coach of The Month!!!


A trumpeteer we’re beginning to get familiar with emerges from the creaky oak doors of the Coaches Tower. He ambles forward a look of exquisite nervousness on his face as he keeps on glancing over his shoulder… sneaking a look up at the battlements where a telltale glint gives away something pointed at him…


As he approaches the media pulpit in front of the imposing tower, he fumbles anxiously with a parchment, finally unravelling it… he did speak thusly…


“The illustrious board of the MML Council, they of the infallible decision making, they whom will always be last in the round at the pub and they who will always get the last After Eight mint, make the following proclamation…!

For his unstinting services to the MML, in the fields of graphical design, cheery hating of dorfs, enlightenment and positive attitude… and not to mention remarkably elegant formal wear whilst coaching… Coach Fnords!!! Hailing from the wilds of Norway… or Sweden… close enough all the same really, he hath come to the MML only recently but his outreach programme of open mic whilst playing has garnered him enormous respect amongst the MML faithful. This erudite coach of the undead team Walking Dead Reanimated… we salute you! Coach of the Month!”


The crowd didst cheer and roil around boisterously… and whipped they did get for slacking off from work, the bloody losers.

Here’s to you Coach Fnords! We salute you!!!


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