MML Network Spotlight – Karag Dron Krushers

MML Network Spotlight – Karag Dron Krushers

 We now join MML Network with studio host Crisp Beerman…..

“Hello fans, Crisp Beerman here with an MML Network Spotlight on the Karag Dron Krushers, who have suffered some adversity over the last few weeks. We now go to our star reporter, Pilbo Haggins, for the inside scoop”.

“Pilbo here! I am attempting to get a live interview with the Krushers mysterious coach Midway Monster. The two-time Challenge League champions have had a rough start to their Pro debut this season. Rumors abound of Goblin Gambling shenanigans, and poisoned players in their last match, leading to this dismal start.”

“Poisoned players??” asks Beerman.

“Yes, some are suggesting that the pre-match Krushweiser was spiked with Lustrian poison! Their best player, Ayeres the Axe, was absolutely useless in the match and complained of double vision and intense stomach cramps the whole time. And their veteran troll slayer, Hulf Redrage, died on the pitch! He had so much poison in his system that one punch to the stomach and SPLAT he was done for.”

“So I have travelled all the way here to Thunder Mountain, to hear from the coach himself. I am walking up to his office now to meet with him, but…..wait….hold on ….. I’m going to whisper now….I think I’ve just seen a shadowy, goblin looking figure enter his front door. Let me see if I can go out back and get a sneak peek inside.”

“Yes!” whispers Pilbo. “It’s the Goblin Gambling banker Greedo Kuato, talking to coach Midway now.. ..let’s listen quietly.”

“You defied us as a player….you defied us in the Challenge League, and you still defy us in the Pro League. WE CONTROL the MML. If you don’t listen to me, than perhaps you will listen to our master.” Greedo crooned.

“Are you all getting this?” Pilbo asks “Midway is being threatened it appears…..Greedo Kuato is facing midway now and is opening his coat to him”

A wicked voice is heard….

“Tik tik tok , Make that block, I’ve got a secret, Under the mountain top”.

“If you want to win, Commit that sin, Everything you want, Is deep within”.

“Dig dig dig, And you will find, Dig dig dig, Don’t lose your mind.”

Tik tok tiks, You need this trickz, If you don’t get it, You’ll fail that blitz.”

“Pilbo who was that??” Beerman asks.

“I’m not sure…there’s a third voice in the room, let me try to get a bit closer…….what the?!? I can’t believe what I’m seeing…..does that goblin have a second hea…aaarrrghhhhhhh” Pilbo screams.

“Pilbo? Pilbo? Are you alright? Well folks something strange has happened and we’ve lost communication, stay tuned to find out about our missing reporter.” With that, Beerman signs off.


  1. Why does Goblin Gambling have to keep tampering with these games? Is the mutant… um strange gobbo a sign of things to come? Are the gobbos behind Legendary Edition? I have so many questions. Great article Midway!

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