MML Summer Camp!

What are we going to do during the summer break? – If only there was an MML sanctioned charity tournament open to all? – Well… Apparently there is now!
Open from Wednesday 7th June and running right through until the start of season 9 the MML will be hosting a ladder competition in the MML Charity Tournaments; entitled ‘MML Summer Camp.’


  • Request a ticket at MML Summer Camp, (in the MML Charity tournaments league,) following all rules as set out when creating a farm team. (Must be a fresh team and conform to appropriate naming conventions etc.)
  • Please arrange matches in the farm chat, but bear in mind that this is a ‘grind’ competition so be prepared to match with teams with a little bit of tv difference.
  • Blind spinning is permitted or matches may be made in the farm chat on discord, stating clearly that you are looking for a ‘Summer Camp’ match.
  • Please do not use the charity events channel for the purpose of making matches!
  • All Summer Camp teams will be eligible to enter the MML farm at the conclusion of the competition.
  • The winner of the competition will be eligible for the trophy case, or the farm as per the coaches choice. (But will not be eligible to enter league play at the pro tv cap.)
  • The competition will be decided by the team with the most wins, first. If teams have the same number of wins then of these teams, the team with the fewest losses will be declared the winner. If this still does not produce a clear winner then, again of these teams, the team with the least number of draws will be declared the winner. Should this still not illicit a result then a knockout tournament will be created to decide the competition.
  • Coaches are reminded to review ‘fair play’ rules and abide by the spirit of fair play during the competition. Conceding or giving an unfair advantage to opponents may lead to board action as this could jeapordise the integrity of the competition.

The competition winner will receive a $20 PSN voucher. The second placed team will receive a $10 PSN voucher.


  1. To answer some questions that have already been coming up:

    1. Coaches are permitted to enter more than one team to summer camp in line with farming.

    2. Summer camp teams will be eligible to retire to the farm at the end of camp, but will not be able to do so until camp is finished.

    3. ‘Sniping’ is permitted in this competition. (Therefore if you do match make in farm and then another coach spins, that is permissable, should you find yourself matched with them.)

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