MMOW Community Bowl

In the spirit of community unity and good times, the Old World Gaming League and the MML have joined to present to you the MMOW Community Bowl.


  • Limited to 24 teams
    • 12 from each League – or some balance there of.
  • Entrants create a custom team up to 1400 team value.
  • Team Creation Rules:
    • Value must be between 1380 – 1400
    • Team Rosters must have at least 12 players
    • For every Ability Increase, an Ability Decrease & Niggle must be selected on the same player.
    • Limit One of any Skill-Up selection per team.
      • Example: Once you select a skill as a skill-up, you may not select it again.
        • Block is allowed to be selected multiple times if NO other skills are available (because they have already been selected)
    • Competition Rules:
      • Once the competition is full and all rosters are turned in, the teams will be placed into a hat.
      • Coaches will draw teams from the hat, and that will be the team they play with.
        • Coaches cannot draw their own team.
      • Team will compete in a Wissen format.
      • Player level-ups must adhere to the same rules as above.

MML Rewards:

  • Official [Ambassador] discord title
  • Team is eligible for CL entry at Pro Cap (provided no other games are played)
  • Above awards apply to any coach who participates!!!

Old World Gaming Rewards:

  • TBD

To Register:

  • Join Discord:
  • Create your team
    • Keep in mind you will DELETE this team!
  • Take a screenshot of the team roster page
  • Send this screenshot to Preach_MJ via PSN or Preach on Discord
  • Delete the team you just made
    • Yes, we know…but you’ll get another one soon.
  • Once teams are assigned:
    • In-Game, navigate to Join League and select Multiplayer League.
    • Search for “MML Charity Tournaments”
    • Select “MMOW Community Bowl” and click join.

Disclaimer: The name of this competition is fun, community and good sportsmanship. Please create your teams in this spirit. No use of profanity, innuendo or other controversial naming conventions please.

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