More Tales of The Unexpected

Coach DwarfGiant sat in his office brooding. The season had begun well, beating a strong Granite City Grimbeards team with a crazy touchdown where The Kings Thrower acted as a Catcher, dancing through the Dwarf defence. DwarfGiant allowed himself a wry smile. They hadn’t expected that!

The second game against the White Owls had not been so inspiring. Bad coaching decisions and poor decision making on the pitch had allowed the Wood Elves to take a lead. Despite putting a few of the twig like sprites in the injury box The King’s could not catch them. That was expected and Coach did not like that. Not one bit.

This week the Lord of The Skinks were up. Coach Lazertrip91’s rise through the ranks had mirrored his own. There was a bit of friendly rivalry there and neither DwarfGiant or Lazertrip91 had managed to get the edge in previous meetings. Hopefully this time would be different. Perhaps he could give his team an edge, thought DwarfGiant by somehow freezing the Lizards dressing room? An interesting idea….

There was a knock at the office door. ‘Yes?’ he barked. Ugroth, one of the massive Black Orcs strode through the doorway. ‘Dee-liva-ree boss.’ he managed to utter, struggling with the longer word, dumping a huge heavy box on the floor.

A more sinister grin spread across the Dwarfs face. ‘Excellent!’ He delved in to the box and pulled out a massive pair of boots. ‘What’s dem boss?’ the hulking Orc asked. ‘A good question. These are specially ordered Skink Stamping boots – guaranteed broken bones with every foul. I’ve got everyone a pair. ‘

DwarfGiant knew this game could define The Pumpkin Kings season. Lazertrip91 was a top coach and he’d always got on well with him. The last thing he’d expect would be a fouling frenzy. Friendship be damned!  This was Blood Bowl!


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