Morningstars continue to struggle…Drumph still M.I.A.

Mousillon, Bretonnia

Season 13 (oh, heck Season 11 and 12 as well) was tough sledding for the Morningstars franchise, losing another long-time player, Count of Basie (R.I.P), and once again, barely avoiding relegation. The tumultuous team owner, Count Drumph, has been relatively silent and mostly absent from the team and Bretonnia itself; instead splitting his time with new friends(?) in Sylvannia and his new Resort/Island fiefdom of Drumphtopia (#Blitz!). Head Coach Sturmjarl has been tasked with more of the day to day operations, with little talent to recruit off the field and failing results on the scoreboard.

Coach Sturmjarl has had a hard time finding talent to replace his fallen players as more Bretonnians have gone missing or have fled from Mousillon after Count Drumph had formed an informal truce with Sylvannia, the northern neighboring Vampire nation, ruled by Lord Vladimir Sputin.  The Nobility has finally taken notice of the absence of Count Drumph. Sheriff Mueller has created a “Noble posse” (Yee Haw!) to roam the country side to ward off “migrant” Vampires crossing over the border; apparently abducting/separating Bretonnian children from their families…for what?…no one knows.

Meanwhile, Count Drumph has been hosting parties in Drumphtopia, honoring Sylvannian Despot, Count Vladamir Sputin while Mousillon’s citizens fret over their uncertain future…and that of The Morningstars.



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