Murder Press Conference Announcement


The first thing that occurred to this roving eye was that the media hall had not been touched since the explosive event that followed Big Mo’s tragic passing… erm naturally I don’t mean his throwing skill! We all gathered into the hall, a few brave souls attempted to perch on the broken seats as we awaited the arrival of Detective Inspector Tom Kettering and his yellow jacketed reporter friend with the nice toosh.

Some gasps from the back of the hall ushered in the team as they took over a section on the left of the hall. No reporter there was brave enough to disturb the still obviously morning orcs. Not a glimmer of happiness at winning their first bowl game after so many disappointing playoff seasons… The Titans had of course had a fair old dust up in honour of Big Mo in their prestigious Goblin Gambling bowl game against the Solus Savers. Robshank had by far his best game of the season, injuring a couple of players knocking out many and saving the equalising touchdown. Gorbag as is his nature stole the headlines with 2 touchdowns, moving him ever closer to that legendary status he is known to crave so much.

Soon enough, the Detective Inspector entered the hall and in the absence of the podium perched on a broken bench with his case notes.

“Thank you all for coming. As requested by the Altdorf PD I’m here to brief you all on the ongoing investigations into the murder of Maurice Fa’asavalu, AKA Big Mo. Let me assure both his friends and… well his team mates, that we have been thorough in our search. We’ve uncovered items which lead us to suspects which we will naturally share with you. April, if you wouldn’t mind showing exhibit A…”

The yellow jump suited reporter, sashayed forward and held up a bag containing the remains of a huge cigar.

“After analysing this cigar we can inform you that this has been amply chewed by a human mouth and there are traces of brandy and tea. This narrowed our search down somewhat and we did indeed take Coach Josiah Frost in for questioning. However, upon talking to Coach Frost we have indeed struck him from our investigations as his alibi is… well I really wouldn’t want to get that graphic on this occasion.”

The reporter held up a second bag which looked to contain a few harsh bristles.

“These were recovered from the site where we think the shooter took aim. They are without doubt Skaven hairs. Having run this through the flux capacitor back at the station we now know that these came from an area located in the Sword Coast due to the particular type of sand from that region. We furthered our investigation by talking to a coaching contact we had in the area with a sing song accent. He pointed us in the direction of a ‘rodent who know’s things’. After a little chat with me and my cricket bat, I was given a name, and that name… that name was indeed the shooter. However under a separate agreement with this rogue he has given me the identity of his employer. This was simply a skaven in need of fast cash… however his employer had ready amounts of this available through his years in the glory leagues of the MML.

Shocking I know. However we have reason to believe that the employer of the hitman that ended poor Maurices life and career had personal reasons to see Maurice out of the way. Growing anger and resentment at Maurice’s performances and feeling that they were holding back his personal quest. Frustrated at his own managers inaction he sought a way to remove him from the board and further his own vainglorious career. Officers of the guard, take Gorbag Marlarr into custody.”

To say drama ensued would be a minor understatement. The team themselves looked aghast and turned to look at their fellow pro and star player… now that I think of it Gorbag looked aghast too! The guilt will out!! The Titans rushed him, however as we all are tired of hearing Gorbag isn’t slow out of the traps and took to his heels. Robshank blocked his way. Gorbag barrelled into him and both fell to the floor wrestling, Gorbag looked to attempt to bite Robshanks ear… and then inexplicably Robshank seemed to get distracted and Gorbag slipped out of his normally sure grip and was away. The Guard took off after the rest of the team and left behind them a stunned media room. Gorbag… for so long the shining light of the Titans… now the villain of his own greed and perfidy. What a sorry end to their story… this reporter is going home for a much needed lie down. Naturally as soon as we have more on the apprehension of Marlarr we will let you know!!!



  1. Wow… I wasn’t a million miles off… And definately I didn’t do it… Someone tried to frame me!!! 😀

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