Mysterious Benefactor Funds RSU’s Passing Program in Offseason

Coach enters the locker room calling the team around him.

Ok guys, not sure who is behind this, in the off season we were gifted with the Passing Program that we were trying to fund last season.  In addition to this, our restrictions on signing Centaurs have been lifted.  So clearly someone with some money and influence took an interest in us last season.  We will need to perform much better if we want to continue to draw wanted attention to us.

So I will say this once, and I want to drive this home.  We will take absolutely NO BULL… on this team this season.

Connor standing in the entryway to the locker room look concerned.


Turning to leave the locker room Coach stops him.

Wait, Connor not you… I mean no shenanigans.  Come on in.  Guys this is Connor he is our rookie Centaur that we signed in the off season.  Please make him at home.

We have people looking into where this money came from because it seems strange with our poor record that someone would invest this much in a team like ours.

A few of the hobgoblins on the team look uneasy at the mention of the mysterious money.

Lets try and have a better season this season and try to prove the league wrong that we are more than just a bunch of thugs.

The blockers snicker in the back of the locker room at this statement.

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