Nargarythe Ravens

Tainted by association with the Witch King and the violent madness of Aenarion, the survivors of Nagarythe are a very different type of Asur. Since the destruction of their lands they have been a rootless and nomadic people, drawn to fighting and unable to settle to more peaceful tasks. They are intense and brooding, proud and warlike.

The Ravens are an elite team of shadow warriors, who are all descendants of loyalist Elves from the Kingdom of Nagarythe.

To this day, the Ravens continue their grim battle against the Dark Elves, whether it is on or off the pitch, whether on the shores of Ulthuan or the lands beyond.

As of late many rumors of druchii joining the MML have surface.

Like the witches leaving the depths of the Gloomy Forest.

Like the group of bandits and pillagers known as Har Ganeth Executionerz.

And the offspring of Oberon, head of the evil cult Blood of Amber.

All this made the proud Ravens blood boil of hatred and urge for revenge and so they decided to joined the MML.

Do not long for peace, for there can be none while any druchii still draw breath. Embrace war as the crucible of your valediction, the means to purge this stain upon our people. Swear oaths of vengeance, not to me or your companions or to the uncaring gods, but to fallen mothers and fathers, dead sisters and brothers, slain sons and daughters. Take the darkness that the druchii have created and rob them of its power. You are the blade that will strike down the wicked. You are the shadow warrior, the faceless bringer of justice.



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