Necromantic Nomads set to make debut!

 The unknown coach of the Necromantic Nomads takes time out in an effort to whet the appetite of adoring fans for what lies ahead!

A rookie team of rag-tag misfits may not seem promising, but head coach The Romping Cat believes he can have fans cheering from the off, with what he calls ‘secret ingredients!’ – A healthy dose of necromancy! Can the undead ever truly be stopped? Who can say, but this coach doesn’t think so.

Pundits of the game suggest key players include –

3 – GhoulPuke. So fast he’s SICK! The touchdowns will come thick and fast with this future star running down the Lines!
7 –Flesh GolemThe Doorstop. Named for his size and his ability to stop anything in his path, he will be a feature in any success this team will have
8 –Zombie Shifty Powers. Considered the weakest link in this team, left with space and time to shuffle forward, this underdog had a knack in pre-season for getting the ball forward at key times.

Other players to watch out for include the Wight brothers, Dead ‘Lucky’ Dave & Restless Johnny. These pair are out for the kills, thrills, and no spills when in possession of the match ball!

The Romping Cat remains tight-lipped about the werewolves in his team. Cats and dogs don’t mix and what we see on the pitch of these guys will be anybody’s guess.

So will this team of throwaways live up to the hype of the coach? Can the living have much hope against the dead? Well, the fans seem certain and we are too!! Heres to seeing the best of this lot in the Blood Bowl!!


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